A Message From Rick Herring

I was introduced to Network Marketing in the late 60's early 70's and believed I had found my vehicle to financial freedom. The journey was not as easy as it was promoted to be.  You had to stock a lot of product and be a super salesman to move it. I never found a way I could successfully do the business. Like many, I had my ups and downs, mostly downs, but I never gave up.

I failed miserably in many companies until I read about Mentoring For Free by Michael Dlouhy. I downloaded and read the whole book that same evening.

As my friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy, says "If you do not have truthful, accurate information, how can your lack of success be your fault?"

Wow! This made sense.. Here were the answers to why I was struggling. What a relief!

I took advantage of the free training offered and things began to change in my business.

 I realized “It was not my fault” that I had failed so badly and developing the right skills was absolutely necessary.

Downloading “Success in 10 Steps” by Michael Dlouhy was the best decision I made for my business and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this free resource.

"My new e-book contains what I've learned in over 40 years in network marketing. You'll get NO affiliate links. No companies are mentioned or promoted.  It's just the straight scoop. It's free. And believe me, you need to know this information."  -  Michael Dlouhy

Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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A Mentor With A Servant's Heart

My purpose is to find out how I can help you, not too pitch you on any deal.  We help anyone in any company with skills that are necessary to be successful and we do it for free.

The biggest difference for me was the Think & Grow Rich Lessons, the personal development part of Mentoring for Free, those calls helped me to grow as a person. As Michael says “In order to make more you have to become more."   You have to become the person people want to do business with.  Participating in the Think & Grow Rich Lessons helped me to become more emphytic, listen more and build more great and lasting relationships as we form a caring team that works together and mentors each other to greatness.

Learning the Color Personalities to understand why people do what they do is huge.  When you to speak in their language relationships are built a lot quicker and this is a relationship business.

Today I build my business using the Mentoring for Free System created by Michael Dlouhy and by participating in this program I can pass it forward and help others who are looking for help in their business.  We cannot just take in this life, we have to learn to give from the heart.  Once we learn to give, that is when we will be blessed.

When You understand this “Universal Law of Life” in that, ”You Can Not Out Give The Universe” The More You Give The More You Get The More Your Life Is Blessed. You finally have the Answer to “WHY” my team and I would Coach and Mentor ANYONE NO MATTER what company they are in, for free.