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Invest in your IRA ( Individual Relentless Atmosphere) - John Dilemme, High-End Business Consultant. Strategic Business Coach- International Speaker.

-YOU will never get rich working for someone. All you are doing is fattening your Company's bank account.

-There is a lot of suffering in our topsy turvy world and a lot of help is needed because people are suffering. Money is an issue and starting a P/T home based business with an intent to make a profit is the best way to achieve financial freedom for the average person. Maintain your Job( Just Over Broke) while you start your part-time business and decide once your home business income exceeds your work income to quit your job, NOT before this under any circumstances.

-Home business has tremendous tax advantages. I live in the USA and each country has their organization that helps entrepreneurs in such areas.I have a FREE brochure " Uncle Sam will pay YOU to run a Home-Based Business".Call 6466531892 . Mention this brochure and leave me your mailing address. It is claimed that you can put $3000-$5000 annually in tax refunds as result of having a home business.

-Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a FORTUNE. - Jim Rohn 

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I am in the business to change individual lives online. I am in the relationship building business, and not in the selling business like a car salesman. I help individuals solve their problem(s): This may be they want to supplement their income, want to earn P/T income while maintaining a Job( Just Over Broke) or  want to earn P/T income with a goal to replace their job income and eventually quit their job. I work with your requirements and tailor a plan that will work for you to help you reach your goals. No sales calls are made and only calls that are made is the one's client calls for any questions he/she may have about something that they are working with. 

I will help individuals achieve their MBA ( Massive Bank Account) without going to college and paying exorbitant tuition fees BUT instead they will invest some of that money in themselves because MIND is the most important asset we all possess and has to be nurtured correctly in order to bring out the GREATNESS each one of has in us. Are you COACHABLE, COMMITTED and  CONSISTENT? Then I am looking to work with you for our mutual growth.