Message From Linda

I want to share my story with you.  Over the years I have been in a few network marketing programs.  The thing is, it seemed that I could never do much of anything with them.  I had exhausted all of my contacts, including friends and family.  Quite honestly, they just really didn't want to hear it anymore!  So then, I began to advertise...and advertise...and advertise.

Nothing seemed to work!  One day I received an email that said, "Linda, tell me about your business."  To be honest, I was skeptical...maybe jaded is a better word.  This individual said they had seen my ad on a classified site.  So, I responded "what business are you talking about, I have several."  To make a long story short, I gave him my main link and he thanked me for sharing it with him.  

After conversing, he asked me if I had read the book Success in 10 Steps.  I replied that I had not.  He then shared the book with me and told me that he would like to help me succeed in my business.  He was not spamming me with his business, he was simply offering to help me to become successful in mine!  The best part of all is that he was offering to do this for FREE!

At this point, I knew that I had nothing to lose.  I read the book and it completely changed my way of thinking!  For the first time in months, I was hopeful again - AND - I had a team of people who were willing to help me succeed!

I want to encourage you to download the book absolutely FREE!  Then read it because I know it will change your life, just as it has changed mine!

To Your Success,

Linda Ojutkangas

Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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My Mission

My Mission is to help others the way that I have been helped.  When we help others succeed, it comes back to us, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.  I want to celebrate your successes with you!  Paying it Forward is a simple concept that can change the world if put into practice.  I want to be a small part of changing the Network Marketing World.

My pledge to you is that I will provide support and encouragement ethically, legally, and straight from my heart.