Helping Others Get What They Want

Hi my name is Lawrence Bergfeld, At one time I was under the perception that, I needed a degree to be successful. So as do most folks, I went to college. After four plus long years I had my bachelors degree in accounting and finance. Again, like most people I found work in an accounting department. I had part of my desire. I had a fairly decent income, but no time freedom. .

I failed for my first few years in network marketing. Then one fine day I found a book on line called Success In 10 Steps and I found out that my lack of success was not my fault. Now I am having fun building my business using the Mentoring For Free System.

I love hiking, kayaking, watching good movies and reading self development books.

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Success In Ten Steps saved myself and thousands of others years of failure and frustration in creating additional income from at home! 

Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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To Help People Get What They Want

What I learned through the Mentoring For Free System is to be a mentor with a servants heart. That means finding out what people want and helping them get it. You do that by listening and asking questions. And even better yet the Colors To Success teaches you how to determine what someone likes and what someone can't stand plus what topics to talk with them!

Lawrence Bergfeld