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I started out in the industry in 2002, jumping around from company to company with no one to help me.  I spend hundreds of dollars on books, tapes, and functions!  Ouch!  

Then one day I found myself surfing the internet looking for help (perhaps just like you are now).  I kept seeing this ebook called Success in 10 Steps written by Michael Dlouhy everywhere I went.  I ignored the adds and after the 8th time of seeing the book I decided to check it out and see for myself because I was already tired and frustrated with no help or success.

When I read Success in 10 Steps  I found my answers and learned why my lack of success was not my fault. Success in 10 Steps  saved me from any more failure and frustration....not to mention the time and money I had wasted. I was spending money at a rapid pace on all kinds of programs on the internet...and my family  was getting ticked off.  I have learned the skills to find my own targeted quality leads.... People that want to speak with me instead of wanting to hang up on me....what a more hang ups!

Today I build my business using the Mentoring for Free System created by Michael Dlouhy and by participating in this program I can pass it forward and help others who are looking for help in their networking marketing business.We cannot just take in this life, we have to learn to give from the heart.  Once we learn to give, that is when we will be blessed.

When You understand this “Universal Law of Life” in that, ”You Can Not Out Give The Universe” The More You Give The More You Get The More Your Life Is Blessed. You finally have the Answer to “WHY” my team and I would Coach and Mentor ANYONE NO MATTER what Network Marketing company they are in…

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Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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Ingrid's Mission Statement


My MISSION is to help my friends and make more friends.

If you make the decision to join me in the Mentoring For Free system, I promise to work with you personally for as long as it takes for you to learn the "skills" you need to make network marketing work for you!

I am happy to mentor you for free if you are coachable and willing to follow simple instructions...I won't ask for your money ...only your time....