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Welcome to my Mentoring for Free, coaching, mentoring and business training site.  

Michael Dlouhy, the founder of the Mentoring for Free System is my good friend and personal mentor.

Being a part of Mentoring for Free has changed my life and my business.  We work as a team helping each other.  We reach out to others and we offer them this incredible resource.

We help anyone in any company and we teach the skills needed to be successful  - and we do it for free. Personal development and the color personality training are the skills that helped me the most. . 

The Magic happens because of Target Marketing. You only talk to the people that Believe in Network Marketing, the Philosophy, or the Business model. You will NEVER need to sell or convince, when everyone you talk to also believes in this incredible Industry and the life changing products we sell.

My purpose here at Mentoring For Free is to find out how I can help you, not to pitch you on any deal.

"My new e-book contains what I've learned in 40 years in network marketing. You'll get NO affiliate links. No companies are mentioned or promoted.  It's just the straight scoop. It's free. And believe me, you need to know this information."  -  Michael Dlouhy

Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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Ingrid's Mission Statement

Because your “Time” is your most valuable asset, my team and I will teach you, how to build it once, build it big and build it to pay your children’s children. We have a simple, proven, 3 step process that when you follow it, we can “Guarantee” your success and it all starts with reading the book Success in Ten Steps today.

After you download the free book, I will call you to be sure you got my book OK. I also have the book in audio for free just in case you want to listen and read it at the same time or listen while you drive. Your Success depends on how coachable you are, so I will be asking you to follow the instructions in Chapter 2, “Look Deep, Deep, Deep into My Eyes”. Send me Your “WHY”.

I will never ever, sell you, or recruit you to join My Network Marketing Company, so be sure to give me your best phone and e-mail address when filling out the form below. If filling out the form intimidates you somehow read my “ABOUT” link at the top of this page, I will tell You WHY I do this for free.... Your success is just a step away.