Top MLM Truth On Turning Negative Into Positive Today

Kay Young talks about the mlm truth on turning the negativity in our lives into positivity because if we think negative then guess what we attract? The answer is negativity! There is an old saying that what you think about you bring about.

Furthermore negative thoughts are 100 times stronger than positive thoughts! And one negative thought is enough to destroy all constructive action. Think about when you use the words maybe, try, possibly, we will see, don't hesitate, no problem. You will make the situation worse! You gotta have faith, love, s_x, desire, hope, romance and prosperity going on!

Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2018-09-18

Chapter 11:  The Subconscious Mind The Connecting Link

The Eleventh Step toward Riches


Hill states, “The subconscious acts first on the dominating desires which have been mixed with emotional feeling, such as faith.”


One night, 22 years ago, I returned home to an unusually empty house.  My husband and 5 sons were all gone.  No notes.  Shortly they returned and had been looking for me.


My mother, who had stage 4 cancer, had been rushed to the hospital and was not expected to live until morning.  I was to go immediately to California.  It was too late to get a plane that night, so I got one the next morning. 


Mom and I had talked extensively about her impending death and I had been able to visit often.  Tonight, all I prayed was that I would be able to see her once more. My prayers were sincere and in full faith.  I hoped they would be answered positively. 


When I landed, a friend had a rental car at the airport and I headed hastily out into the Los Angeles morning traffic.  All the way, I prayed she would be alive when I arrived.  I wished the other drivers would have known my needs and parted the traffic.  I breathed slowly to stay calm.


When I arrived at the hospital, she was still living and upon entering her room she said, “I waited for you.”


Not only was my prayer answered, but I was gifted with a whole week with her and with my Dad and brother.  There was great completion and healing within our family that week and I have never felt so connected to God in my life. 


Hill’s statement was accurate for me that night. 


Today, to help me stay positive, I write gratitude statements nightly for events of the day, take Michael’s advice and stay away from commentator’s opinions of current events in the news and look to the positive in any disappointment.  And of course….do my self-talk.  I’ve learned that our mind is an open stage and something will always be one it.  One trick I use when negative thoughts come is to take them off my stage by replacing them with a song that is uplifting.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado 

Now its time put this mlm truth and achieve a sweet victory today NOT tommorow!


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