Why airline pilots make great network marketers.

A powerful lesson from Big Al’s Newsletter this week,

Why airline pilots make great network marketers.

Network marketing success has three basic elements.

#1. Attitude. While a positive attitude may not guarantee success, a negative attitude certainly guarantees failure. Most of us have a good attitude because we joined network marketing. We didn’t turn down this opportunity. This is why we do personal development. We want a good attitude.

#2. Motivation. No matter how good our attitude is, if we don't talk to anyone, we are going to fail. Now, we don't have to be super-motivated. We don't have to take bullets in the forehead and arrows in the back. But we do have to be motivated sufficiently to talk to at least a few people. Most of us have sufficient motivation to do our business. If you are reading this article, that would be a good sign you are motivated. This is why we set goals and work on our “why” … to help motivate ourselves when times are difficult.

#3. Skills. We can have a great attitude, and be motivated, but if we don't know what to say and do, we will fail. Think about airline pilots. No matter how good our attitude may be, or how excited we are about flying an airplane, if we don't have the skills to fly the plane, no one will join us on our journey!

For most network marketers, we have all the attitude and motivation we need. 

What we are missing is the skills to do the job. We don't have professional icebreakers. We don't have closing skills that help our prospects to decide. We don't know how to create proper word pictures in our prospects’ minds. We don't know how to talk to the proper programs in our prospects’ subconscious minds.

So our challenge is this. Instead of reading one more motivational book, instead of chanting affirmations, or cutting out pictures for our vision board, we must concentrate our efforts into learning new skills of how to talk to people correctly.

Once we focus our efforts in this area, learning skills, we can finish the third basic element that we need for our network marketing success.

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