Whatever we are working to achieve in life needs a plan

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Whatever we are working to achieve in life needs a plan, in order to be able to become a success in our business we have to have a plan that works. We also need to be able to talk with those who have achieved that success we are looking for.

healthy familyLet’s say our health is needing work, we are overweight and have constant issues that may be causing us to be sick and unable to work, that we may end up on the benefits owing to being unable to find work. We have two choices to either accept that we have to live on the pension or we can choose to find a way to work to improve our health to the stage where we can work or do some form of work and find a role where it’s ok that we may need to work where we are resting.

d995df2e0a571a2ace60feb20ddfd6a5When started in network marketing My life was a complete mess, that included my health and relationships. It took the 3rd dislocation of my left knee cap to be told either lose weight or would be in line for diabetes. That it was suggested to lose around 10 kg, that meant going to the gym and learning to get my health under control. For many years prior, I had been looking for work to do, always wanting to help people, the story that wrote many years ago when was a teenager had to do with helping the world.

11However was unaware how to achieve that goal until found mentoring for free. When went to the Gym my exercise physiologist helped me to set up a program that started to help to build those stronger muscles that were needing work. Including strengthing of My back and core strength so that was having less health issues. That plan turned into learning the skills needed to be able to achieve a healthier person and life.

th (1)Going to lose over 41 kilos, to improve My own strength and become stronger than have ever been. That plan continues today to keep up health and to continue with the muscle strengthening, it has been amended and added to many times. From adding in pilates where began to learn more control of muscles needed for core strengthening. Even learning from the physio the exercises that are needed to be able to maintain that level of health. Without a plan or being all in would You continue to go to the Gym for over 9 years, would You go to Physio for 2 years or would You even go to Pilates class continually for 2 years.

thThe plan that need to adopt has to be one that is workable and works for You and You alone. It needs to be one that You are comfortable with as a person to achieve Your own goal of owning Your life. Part of owning My own life is having the health to be able to be involved within my families lives, traveling the world and sharing a lifestyle with them. That means finding those who are working towards the same. Showing where have come from and going from there.

back_3Thank You Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your ongoing guidance, love and support, along with Ken Klemm for Your continued guidance, love, support and mentoring as well as Your loving friendship. To the most beautifiest sexiest wife could ever ask for thanks for being that amazing beautiful wife who is my best friend.

Big hugs,

Your friend for life,

With love and appreciation,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia, soon to be living on the Gold Coast Qld Australia

Ps. Its time for another plan on moving and forefilling that dream of going to the Gold Coast.

We love and appreciate you,
We believe in You
Your friends and mentors,
Ben and Jenny 

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