Victorious Network Marketing Secret On Mastermind Usage Today

Rick Burnett describes in detail a network marketing secret on the power of USING a mastermind today! Nobody can build this business by themselves, it takes a team of people of different strengths to do it! The team members must have a GOAL of accomplishing what they desire. Without a plan to achieve your GOAL you are toast!
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2019-07-17

No matter how many times  I go through this chapter my mind is fixated on the illustration of the batteries. I guess the reason being is because I witnessed the cranking power of all those batteries hooked together in unison turning over that big diesel for so many years that I drove a truck. One single battery would have never done the job.


One five star player in college football or one superstar in the NFL,  as good as they are individually would never be able to win a title by themselves. It takes teamwork. and a whole team of 5 star college athletes of NFL superstars no matter how talented would not be able to bring home the trophy at the end of the season unless THEY WERE ALL UNITED WITH THE GOAL OF ATTAINING IT AND THE MINDSET TO DO SO. And a GREAT COACH! In other words, a mastermind! It would not happen with just physical skill alone!


I also visualize the three strands of rope braided together that gives superstrength whereas one strand would not compare.


Thank you thank you thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for giving us a mastermind that is so powerful. That when we come here we have others to observe and learn from as we find our own way. And that we get to hear the master himself participating and making calls on Thursdays as we learn and perfect knowing out color personalities. Thank you to all who have downloaded my branded e-book and allow me to mentor them and thank you to all my friends and mastermind partners who share your brilliance with me each and every week.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al

Are you ready to use this network marketing secret and get results by using what you learn from a mastermind group or are you just going to let it pass you by?


Lawrence Bergfeld


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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