Victorious Network Marketing Secret On Desire Today

 I describe in detail a network marketing secret on desire today so that you can reach the top pin level of your company within the next 3-4 years!


Posted: 2019-01-26

What I learned from this chapter is that you MUST have a BURNING DESIRE to achieve what you want like Edwin Barnes wanted to become a business partner of Thomas Edison. He was COACHABLE and did whatever Thomas Edison told him he was supposed to do. Thomas Edison had a sixth sense and felt that Edison could do the job. He did not like the way he appeared but what mattered was that Edison felt that Barnes will bring RESULTS BEFORE he sold the Ediphone!

We are all guilty of quitting 3 feet from Gold. What I think the problem with most people these days is that they create plans BUT they fail to replace the plans that do NOT work. Samuel Insuill lost his fortune over 100 million dollars because he failed to create new plans that took over the plans that fail. And another thing is that Napoleon Hills son Blair who was a deaf mute sold newspapers in the street whenever he would earn the money. He created a PLAN. 

Henry Ford did the same thing too. He created a PLAN. And he made the Model T car. He himself did NOT change to the model A car until he thought it was necessary. He went with his gut. And was not influenced by opinions when he reached decisions. And many people who had a better education than him live in poverty because they did NOT know how to create new plans to take over the PLANS that were failing.

Are you ready to create a new begining today NOT tommorow and do what others won't so that tommorow you can have what others can't. Everybody knows that you must avoid being hardheaded. Everybody says that you have to be flexible.

Here is a coachability test for you that Ken Klemn mentioned.

Think about this. It has two components. Ability to learn and ability to change. Lets say you are in a bowling group five days a week. You gotta say to yourself how much I want to give up on it to build my business? What if you bowl two nights a week and you do your business 3 nights. That is NOT coachable because its only 60%. You gotta be ALL IN like Michael Dlouhy describes in his cd being ALL IN! Brett Farve believed he deserved to win the Super Bowl, the others didn't. They just could not wait to go back to the bar and hang out with those who drink.

 First of all there is skills needed for ALL things in our back office. The person who can follow a leader most effectively is the one who develops into the leader the most rapidly. Its no different than following directions in going from one place to another or baking a cake. The person who follows the blueprint most effectively and teaches others to do the same thing is the one who will be the next leader, like Marcel Schmidt, Bob Shoaf and Nathan Grimes. The more people you teach the better you get at it, just like Ken Klemn mentioned in the IBO Toolbox training with Steve Porter who follows Tom Big Al Schrieter meticulously.

Are you ready to creating your own reality and leave those who have their limiting beliefs behind?

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: Its now time to put this network marketing secret into action whether you are ready or not. Because the longer you wait your enthusiasm decreases and your fear will increase!


Be A Mentor With A Servants Heart

Lawrence Bergfeld


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