Victorious MLM Tip On Persistence Today

Rick Burnett describes in detail a victorious mlm tip on having persistence today and its so crucial to have that today because so many people give up at the first sign of defeat that they live their life in regret.

He describes an example of him attening a company event and how the stories of the four women there got out of debt and became wealthy & were able to spend time with their children and not having to head to work on weekends plus miss out on family life in order to put a roof on the childrens head. Our mission in life is to work our way out of a job by building this business once and big to pay our childrens children!!


Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2018-08-25

Just how important is persistence? Very important according to Mr. Hill. In fact he said that the lack of it is is one of the major causes of failure and he also says that the quality of persistence is to the character of man what carbon is to steel. He says “without persistence, you will be defeated, even before you start. With persistence you will win”


There are four simple steps which lead to the habit of PERSISTENCE. They call for no great amount of intelligence, no particular amount of education, and but little time or effort. The necessary steps are:—



3. A MIND CLOSED TIGHTLY AGAINST ALL NEGATIVE AND DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.



These four steps are essential for success in all walks of life


In my mind persistence is simply not quitting when the going gets tough as so many do in life. Quitting is so easy, persistence is sometimes not but the reward is so worth it!


I went to a company event in Pensacola Thursday night and saw one young person after another give testimony as to  how they arrived at very high positions in the company. And it was the same thing with every one of them. They had a need, a strong desire, and the persistence to stay with it until they got there.


Hill says that “some men who have accumulated great fortunes, did so because of NECESSITY. They developed the habit of PERSISTENCE, because they were so closely driven by circumstances, that they had to become persistent.” I was humored because he says men but I know that that's because of the time he lived in.


Every one of those people that I mentioned before were women. Not a single one was a man and I heard story after story of that necessity. Not being able to be with their children as they were growing up, having to pass the baby to the other parent when it was time for their work shift sometimes not even getting to spend any time with it that day! 


A nurse talking about spending more time with others babies at the hospital than their own. High credit card debts up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and on and on. That's why I love these events because of the inspiration that I receive. 


When Hill analyzed Edison and Ford he came to the conclusion that he found no quality save persistence in either of them that even remotely suggested the major source of their huge achievements. 

As I went through the symptoms of the lack of persistence it blew my mind that the one thing that Hill spent the most time on was the fear of criticism and in fact he had that fear himself.

These were the voices that he described that he heard in his head when he was asked to do this very book. ““You can’t do it—the job is too big, and requires too much time-what will your relatives think of you ?—how will you earn a living?—no one has ever organized a philosophy of success, what right have you to believe you can do it?—who are you, anyway, to aim so high?— remember your humble birth—what do you know about philosophy—people will think you are crazy—(and they did) —why hasn’t some other person done this before now?”

T Harv Eker describes those voices as Mindfrick or mind friction. It's just chatter that we have to stop and as Michael says we do that by self talk.

I love what Hill said about King Edward “The truth is that back of all the privileges of a crown, all the money, the fame, and the power inherited by King Edward, there was an emptiness which could be filled only by love.” I had that same emptiness until I met Amy so I know what he is talking about.

Amy always said that I was very persistent and I took that as a compliment. You see when she was re-diagnosed with cancer in 2014 she told me to run as fast as I could but there was no way I was going to do that because I had found that love and I wanted to marry her anyway. I do not say that to boast but with true sincerity because out of that decision I was the one who was blessed with the happiest six years of love in my life. I have an emptiness again because I miss her so much but I have the memories that will carry me on for the rest of my life. Some will find riches in material things but never find that kind of joy!

I come to a close on this very long lesson reflecting on what Hill said about the people on Broadway. There were many more talented people than the people that made finally made it but the people who didn't make it had one thing that the others didn’t and that one thing was persistence. THEY NEVER QUIT!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for never quitting on us! And thank you to all my friends and mastermind partners letting me feet of your brilliant thoughts!

Rick Burnett

Spanish Fort, Al 

Are you ready to put this mlm tip to the best use possible? Because we only go around the world just once NOT twice and we have to do whatever it takes to make our life the way we want to make it! See you at the top!

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