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Rick Burnett describes in detail a victorious mlm secret on operating at a higher vibration where you will attract anything and anyone that you desire!
Rick Burnett Spanish Fort, Alabama, USA

Posted: 2019-01-08

I am so amazed that by stepping up the vibration of any of the emotions, positive or negative, that the brain can send or receive any thoughts. That it is truly a broadcasting and receiving station. 


Amy and I could be miles apart, in two separate rooms, or one inside and one outside, it didn’t matter. I would be coming in the room to tell her something and she would say I was just going to tell you that. Or the other way around where she would initiate the thought. I think that is because there was always so much love and that is such a strong emotion that carried to a high vibration.


So many times I will hear something or see something that I can’t wait to tell her and realize that she’s not there. Of the things that we loved and shared was the same music. She always loved everything that I played and knew most of it even though there was a seven-year difference in our age because she grew up with a sister my age that shared that music with her. But she always wanted me to pick it and would always tell me you pick the best music and music is very moving and emotional so that kind of explains a lot of things about achieving that high vibrational rate.


We both loved Van Morrison as well as Steely Dan and got to see both of them on the same weekend at the jazz fest in New Orleans a couple of years ago. After Amy passed I heard a Van Morrison song that I had never heard before amazingly called Someone Like You. It embodied everything that I felt about Amy. You can do a search for it on YouTube and easily find it if you are interested. It’s hard to understand why that I heard that too late and didn't get to share it with her. So I'm thinking now that music + love= a super high vibration rate that will boost it all the way up to heaven where she can hear there. I can just hear her saying good job Mr. B, you always pick out the best music! 


Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for hosting this mastermind that will completely change your life if you give it enough time and let it! Thank you for my mastermind partners and friends for sharing your brilliance and point of views each and every week.


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al


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