Victorious MLM Secret On Positive Energy Today

Marty Roe talks about a victorious mlm secret on having positive energy so that you can move forward in life rather than staying in your parking space! Once you do that and give value to others you will then leave them better than you found them! 


Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

Posted: 2019-07-23

Chapter 11

The Mystery Of S_x Transmutation,

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich!


The first time I came across this chapter a few years back,

My thoughts were, their sure is a lot going on in this chapter,

Their is Mystery, S_x, Transmutation.

The reason I was having those thoughts it’s because I was

Living in the physical world, I knew very little about what we

Learn here, negative energy positive energy, I knew positive

Energy was better, however I had no idea how to create that

Mind set.

Napoleon Hill, tells us S_x transmutation is simple and easy

Explained. It means the switching of the mind from thoughts

Of physical expression, to thoughts of some other nature.

My thoughts for me, leave the mediocrity life behind,

How you do anything, that’s how you do every thing,

Leave people better than when you found them.


I went to the local Fire Stone store to get my oil changed,

That store has been there for as long as I can remember,

I had never done any business with them.

While I was waiting I started talking with a young lady.

She tells me she is from Michigan, the Detroit area,

She tells me she is going to school at the local college here

In town, studying to be a elementary school teacher.

I told her that was a good thing, the young people coming up

Today need a lot of help, the world needs good teachers.

She ask me what do you do?  I told her what I am doing.

As I am leaving the Fire Stone Store, I started thinking

This young lady had no idea when she brought her car in

To be worked on, she was going to learn a little about Network

Marketing, Toastmasters, Think And Grow Rich Lessons, I made

Sure she got the Think And Grow Rich link right, I had a flyer

With the link on it, when I left she was using her phone to

Look up the information.

My thoughts were telling me, I think you left that young lady

Better than you found her.


Thanks to Mentoring For Free, I am creating that positive

Mind set.


                     Marty Roe


Now its time to use this mlm secret to create your sweet victory!


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