Top Network Marketing Tip Featuring Sixth Sense Today

Kay Young describes in detail a top network marketing tip featuring the sixth sense today, man oh man she is lucky that she used it because if she hasn't it would have been a disaster!

Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2018-10-03

Think and Grow Rich Lesson

Chapter 14:  The Sixth Sense the Door to the Temple of Wisdom


This chapter has made a profound impression on me, especially as I have looked back over my life and recognize the occasional times that I have experienced it.  For some reason, I have always had faith that there was an infinite force available to guide me.  For me, this Infinite Intelligence has been a tangible being that I call God.  I connect and speak with this being regularly and daily, seeking understanding and guidance.


Interestingly, the connection which started in my youth has grown stronger and I am now many years past 50, when Hill indicates this will more likely happen.  Though there is much more I need to develop that is taught in the earlier chapters, I rely on this counsel daily. 


One of the most common times that impressions, inspiration and hunches seem most available is immediately upon waking up in the morning.  If I stay still and don’t bounce up into the day or even think of it, thoughts come that I do not solicit that help me solve one situation or another.


Rarely, these thoughts are major turning points in my life.  One such experience occurred about 14 years ago as I was walking down the hall in the top level of our home.  My mind was not in thought when this came to me.  It simply said, “Renew your teaching license.”  I was surprised as I had not taught school for about 35 years and was near the age that most teachers retire.  As I pondered this and looked into what it required, I took a couple of courses at a college in our town and applied to be a substitute teacher just one day a week to get to know the school system a little bit.


At the time, I had a full time skin care service business in my home and worked 6 days a week with clients.  To shorten the story, a year later, I was miraculously called from subbing to teach full time.  Since we then had no insurance, I received it with the job and we purchased it for my husband as well.  We chose not to have any deductible.


After 4 months of teaching, my husband had a simple doctor’s appointment and the doctor said he would just check other things.  Jay was surprisingly then diagnosed for another issue, “Sudden Death” heart disease.   He had to have immediate open heart surgery.  He needed a new valve and 4 bypasses.  Three days after the surgery, which went well, he had another emergency surgery to remove a foot of his colon. This stay in the hospital was nearly a month with many days in intensive care.  Ten years later, he is well and healthy and with insurance and no deductible, we paid the hospital only $500.


I know the power of the sixth sense and the importance of following it.


Kay Young

Superior, Colorado

Now its time to use this network marketing tip on the sixth sense when ever you get the gut that its time to do something then do it!


Lawrence Bergfeld


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