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Johnny Ray describes in detail a network marketing secret on USING your imagination to the fullest so that you can win big in business and in life!


Johnny Ray Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines

Posted: 2019-03-06


The imaginative faculty functions in two forms. One is known as “synthetic imagination,” and the other as “creative imagination.”

SYNTHETIC IMAGINATION:—Through this faculty, one may arrange old concepts, ideas, or plans into new combinations. This faculty creates nothing. It merely works with the material of experience, education, and observation with which it is fed. It is the faculty used most by the inventor, with the exception of the who draws upon the creative imagination, when he cannot solve his problem through synthetic imagination.

CREATIVE IMAGINATION:—Through the faculty of creative imagination, the finite mind of man has direct communication with Infinite Intelligence. It is the faculty through which “hunches” and “inspirations” are received. It is by this faculty that all basic, or new ideas are handed over to man.

It is through this faculty that thought vibrations from the minds of others are received. It is through this faculty that one individual may “tune in,” or communicate with the subconscious minds of other men.

So create wealth, there has to be a usage of creative imagination. I assume it could be done with synthetic imagination, however, it doesn’t seem likely. The reason I say that is we live in a market where customers have to see value. If a person fits in with everyone else, if you blend, you obviously will not stand out, thus not showing any new value. I went over to google to see what different ways to create or develop a deeper “creative imagination” and I found a list of ten things a person could do to create a deeper creative imagination. We’ve heard these in this group, by the way. 1) think outside the box. 2) allow yourself to be curious. 3) imagine a different alternative solution to an issue 4) associate with other creative people (a mastermind) 5) be attentive to new innovations that can be improved upon 6) do not be satisfied with things, always look for better development and improvement 7) define and develop 8) try different strategies 9) develop your talents 10) build upon other people’s ideas - this is a great list! Stuff I have heard on these calls from Michael and from Bob and everyone else. It’s also in this book. It’s important to play upon the hunches, it’s like God tapping us on the shoulder and saying “Hey… I have something awesome for you!” Denying the tap means denying an opportunity. And what would have happened if the preacher would have opted to preach something else?

Transformation of the intangible impulse, of DESIRE, into the tangible reality, of MONEY, calls for the use of a plan, or plans. These plans must be formed with the aid of the imagination, and mainly, with the synthetic faculty.

I was at church during a special meeting and we went over the church’s vision and mission statement. We also went over strategy. Strategy is important, as it is what achieves the mission and vision. Successful businesses have a vision and they have a mission. They have these things in writing. And they have a strategy (or a plan). And without it, businesses tend to not grow, they don’t have direction, they wander aimlessly and usually fail. At least they do not scale. It’s important to have the plan (plans) and the imagination truly helps guide in the vision of those plans. Plans can change. Vision should stay focused.

You are now engaged in the task of trying to profit by Nature’s method. You are (sincerely and earnestly, we hope), trying to adapt yourself to Nature’s laws, by endeavoring to convert DESIRE into its physical or monetary equivalent. YOU CAN DO IT! IT HAS BEEN DONE BEFORE!

I have heard it said, that if a person doesn’t adapt to the changes going on around them, they die before their death. And adapting for the better, in accordance to nature’s laws, and the creator of nature, God, in order to gain the physical and/or monetary equivalent is pretty essential. It is truly an adapt or die situation. I can do it, it has been done before.

Johnny Ray - Cabuyao, Philippines

“You can do it! It has been done before!”


Are you ready to use this network marketing secret and create impact on others? Or are your gonna let it just pass you by? The choice is yours! 


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