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Dawn Meyers talks about a top network marketing secret on the power of the mind today to reach you to heights! There is an old saying when you focus on the money then you chase the money. When you focus on finding out what people want and help them get it just like it says in the book The Secret Of Selling Anything then the sky is the limit for this reason:

Does the prospect have a problem?

Do you have a solution to the prospects problem?

Does the prospect want to solve the problem?

And does the prospect want to solve it with YOU?



Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill , New Jersey, United States

Posted: 2019-04-24

Chapter 13 : The Brain

Hi there folks. It has indeed been a long time since I have written a lesson. Lots of tech issues and life getting in the way but I am always determined to push through. I know the Brain is the most powerful part of our bodies and without it, nothing on your body would work. So wouldn't it make sense to keep your brain healthy?  How we do this is through food, sometimes supplements and maybe the most ignored is with our words. Words are so powerful to the brain. You really have no idea. 

I have been fascinated with the brain as far as I can remember. I didn't realize until just a few years ago how much healing my brain needed just by what I had been feeding it and I'm not talking about food or supplements. No, I am talking about the limiting beliefs I have conjured up in my brain.

The brain has a conscience and subconscious and what I have and others have been telling my subconscious is what had brought me to the deepest darkest place in the mind you could ever go. It took about 42 years to get there and about a year to leave. But I wasn't healed. My brain still had lots of repairs to be made but I wasn't really doing a great job at it because I had no idea at the time the tools I needed to repair it.

I wasn't always like that. I was a very energetic and happy person that got what I wanted. I wanted to work for Donald Trump and I did. I got every job I applied for and I would see the position I wanted and I would get it. I was very confident very intuitive and something changed all that and although I still aimed high I would always fall. It was because I was not using the right words when I spoke and I was allowing the words of others to shape the well being of my mind. 

I saw The Secret one day and another and another and I picked up on the concept of the law of attraction and it wasn't until mentoring for free did I realize how important those words really are. I am grateful for finding mentoring for free. It has taught me how powerful the brain really is and made me seek ways of fixing the broken parts so I can become the best me for me and my family. 

I recently went to learn hypnosis with the powerful tool of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  I am now a certified clinical hypnotherapist. To some people that sounds strange but it does really work. I can now help anyone who wants it with smoking cessation and weight loss which we like to say weight release because when your mind losses something it tries to find it. I can also help with personal development. 

I thank my mentor Bob Shoaf that tells me every day I can do anything I want to do.  Maybe what I want has nothing to do with money. I believe if I stop going after the money it will come because of course, it is needed. In that hypnotherapy class, I realized that what I wanted was to learn how to get to the part of the mind that my autistic son goes when he is not there. If anyone knows about autism they know what I am talking about. I will be furthering my studies and have set my mind on knowing how to reach him and may be able to help others along the way.

Dawn Meyers CCHt

Mullica Hill, New Jersey

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