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Nathan Grimes describes in detail on how to get out of a rut and develop a money consciousness in order to be able to attract that and everything else in your life! There is an old saying how you do anything is how you do everything. Your mind is NO different than a computer. What are you speaking into existence, poverty or riches. One of those words doesn't belong.... Now its time to fasten your seatbelts and get ready to reprogram yourself!!! 
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-02-14

Chapter 4- Auto-Suggestion: The Medium

For Influencing the Subconscious Mind

Autosuggestion is the psychological use of spoken words often
in a repetitious nature, to influence the subconscious mind,
the main influencer of human behavior.

Hill states,” Auto-Suggestion is a term which applies to al1
suggestions and all self-administered stimuli
 which reach one’s
mind through the five senses. Stated in another way, auto-
suggestion is self-suggestion. It is the agency of communication
between that part of the mind where conscious thought takes place,
and that which serves as the seat of action for the subconscious

Can it be that simple? Really all I need to do is talk to myself.
Well, isn’t that what you have done most of your life. For me, I
am the person I am with more than anyone else. I am the one talking

in my head more than anyone else. The question we must ask, “What
are we telling ourselves?”  

Right, you can possibly influence behavior just through words, words
used in repetition. Repetition is how humans learn. Basketball moves,
song lyrics, riding a bike, it’s all repeated actions over time which
people take. Repetition is also an essential part of propaganda,
something Hitler mastered during his tenure as chancellor of Germany.
We all know what happened afterward. So that’s the first key – repetition.

With repetition, self-talk enables us to control what we feed to our
subconscious mind, thoughts of which are creative and positive, or
destructive negative. In chapter 2 we were instructed to read aloud
twice daily the written statement of your desire, seeing and feeling
you are in possession of it. A major key to repeating the statement
is it must be mixed with EMOTION. Only with the use of emotion can we
ignite the faith called for in Chapter 3.

What a surprise it was to learn, I can’t cheat, if I am to attract
anyone or anything I desire into my life, I must pay the price. The
price is everlasting persistence. A persistence which fixes in my mind
the Exact amount, be it money or anything else, I desire with a fixation
or concentration which allows me to see myself already having it.
Igniting a Faith which causes me to see myself “actually” possessing
that desire.

Before I came to Mentor for Free I was in a period of my I had lost
the ability to see my dreams and desires fulfilled. For me, that was
a disturbing and lonely time. Much like a fish out the water I was
gasping of air or a boat without a rudder I was drifting aimlessly.

Here I found a mastermind of fellow travelers on this road to a better
life. A life where I can learn to think for myself. Knowing I don’t
have to concern what others think about me, it about what think of myself.
Furthermore, I found mentors Michael Dlouhy, Bob Shaof, and Ken Klemm
who really want to help me to be a better ME.

My deepest thanks to everyone of this mastermind for the support,
encouragement, and the love you show every week. A special thanks to
you downloaded the e-book “Successful in 10 Steps” and communicate with
me every week.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock, TX USA

Are you gonna use this network marketing secret and develop new habits or is your car going to remain in its parking space? Zig Ziglar mentioned that a ship will rot faster if it sits in the harbor!


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