Top Network Marketing Secret On Strong Why Today

Cindy Harris gives you a top network marketing secret on how a person can develop their WHY so that they can remain in the game during the tough times.
There is an old saying that if you do not have a why that brings you to tears then you do NOT have one. It has to get you emotional. To develop that you must have personal development because if you do not then you will be hitting a brickwall and it will be game over for you!


Cindy Harris Mandeville , Louisiana , USA

Posted: 2018-08-08



CREATIVE IMAGINATION is how my life is now being transformed.  Having always been a very frugal individual, never "splurging" to do something different, I am now allowing myself to dream & grow with those ideas.  


It's through CREATIVE IMAGINATION that I am currently planning trips with my daughter & grandkids, the first being a 4-DAY trip Labor Day to see my son with only my daughter & my husband, but with no kids.


It's the reason I experienced the Miss Louisiana Pageant and had the most fun-packed 3 days & 3 nights that I've EVER had, laughing the ENTIRE time.  TELL me that wasn't designed by The Lord Above!!!


Surprisingly, BOTH of these trips do NOT include the grandkids.  I would LOVE nothing more than to take them places and observe them learning and enjoying new sights & sounds, but God knows best! HE knew I needed a break from reality, so that trip to the pageant was just what "the doctor ordered!" What's amazing to me is that I didn't even feel selfish for not taking THEM somewhere on my first get away from many years of hard labor.  Also, I had promised my son many times that my first trip would be to see HIM.  He understood that my several attempts to do just that were thwarted.  


My WHY just grew too this past few weeks.  I am a proofreader by trade, and a good friend, who I've proofed books for in the past asked that I proof HIS good friend's 177-page study guide on God's desire for us to support our suffering brothers & sisters in Christ around the world.  That book brought me to tears several times with it's description of the severity & magnitude of torture that we are so protected from here in our Country! ... One of my why's has been to provide Daniel, a homeless man right here in my community, with an apartment & basic needs, but NOW my vision has no borders, it reaches to the ends of the Earth.  Lord, expand my borders and my pocketbook so I have PLENTY ... OVERFLOWING so I can GIVE!!! Amen.... Talk about CREATIVE IMAGINATION!!! God brought me to this!!!


These Think & Grow Rich lessons and Mff and all of you, my amazing friends are helping me to become a NEW ME.  I was happy with my old self, but now am emerging into a new reality.  Thank you!!!


Cindy Harris

Manderville Louisiana  

Now it is time to implement this network marketing secret on having a nailed why and in this free e-book that we have her at Mentoring For Free they have a very detailed section on developing it. You can stumble through years of trial and error or you can read the book and create your WHY. One thing to always remember is that if its 70% and your obstacle is 72% then once again you are done but if its 110% then you will be here forever!


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