Top Network Marketing Secret On Specialized Knowledge Application Today

Nathan Grimes discusses a network marketing secret on having the specialized knowledge to USE in order to become a top leader in your network marketing company. There is an old saying that knowledge is POWER if you have a plan of action and put it to use towards a goal which MUST have a deadline. Because without a deadline you are making a wish NOT a decision. Riches respond to plans of action that are workable!

Chapter 5-Specialized Knowledge

Napoleon Hills calls our attention to two kinds of knowledge:
General Knowledge and Specialized Knowledge. We need to have
a clear understanding of both of these kinds of knowledge:
first to know how it affects our lives, next how we can use
it in our lives, where do we obtain these pieces of knowledge,
and finally, what are you going to do with it when you receive it.

General knowledge can be defined as the wide body of information
that a person acquires from going to school, reading books, and
from life experience we have or someone else may have.  General
knowledge is information that has been accumulated over time
through various mediums. The catch to general knowledge is that
much of it has little or no practical use.  

I have read many books about flying from the Wright brothers,
Jimmy Doolittle, even the Mercury 7 astronauts. I have even
watched videos of being in a plane’s cockpit flying along the
shore.  All of it has wonderful and exciting information, fun
to read, and very educational. Yet I still did not learn to
fly a plane myself. I still have the lack of the specialized
knowledge needed to be a pilot.

All the general knowledge in the world is of little use in the
accumulation of money unless it is organized (systematic arranged)
and intelligently directed, through practical plans of action
for the definite purpose of the accumulation of money.

“An educated man is one who has so developed the faculties of
his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent,
without violating the rights of others.” Napoleon Hill.

Specialized knowledge is the core competency, skills, and expertise
necessary to be successful in whatever area we use to accumulate
the wealth and abundance we want the Universe to bring to our door.

“Any man is educated who knows where to get knowledge when he needs
it, and how to organize that knowledge into definite plans of action.”
Napoleon Hill

I desire to be successful in network marketing, so what do I do? For
me to obtain my desired monetary equivalent, I will need to require
the specialized knowledge of the service, merchandise, or professional
skills that I use in return for the fortune which is before me. I know
I need much more specialized knowledge than I have the ability or the
inclination to acquire, and for this reason, I choose to call for the
aid of my “Master Mind” group, Mentoring for Free. Like Edwin Barnes,
I keep myself open to my mentors such as Michael Dlouhy, Ken Klemm, and
many others. I embrace the combined wisdom of everyone who participates
in the weekly calls.

My deepest gratitude to Linda and Michael Dlouhy, my Mentoring for Free
​family, and to everyone who has allowed me to be a mentor in return.

Nathan Grimes
My love to all of you.

Are you ready to USE this network marketing secret and pull the trigger today so that you can have what others can't tommorow? If yes then put whatever specialized knowledge you have into ACTION!


Lawrence Bergfeld


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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