Top Network Marketing Secret On Sacrifice Today

Tuula Rands explains a network marketing secret on giving up the fun stuff temporarily today so that you can live a MUCH better life tommorow. There is an old saying the price of success weighs ounces and the price of failure weighs tons. Are we using the hours we have to build a business by focusing on things that we get paid for or are we dilly dallying?

Everybody knows that posting is NOT the same as asking. Think about this Hillary Clinton spent millions of dollars on campaigns, while Trump had built rapport with other people! Everybody says that you create your own luck, people who build networks are lucky the ones who don't aren't. Therefore you must build your spiderweb! Once you do that then it becomes much easier to head to the top in your business! 

Here is Tuula Rands intake on the subject!

Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2018-06-28

Chapter 2 - Desire

Michael was telling us about him and Linda wanting to buy a new boat
because the boat they presently had was too big for the two of them
to handle for a number of reasons.  So Linda searched and searched
until they found the boat they wanted.  They had a dream and they
put their time and effort into finding the right one for them.

Years ago when Michael and Linda began building a Network Marketing
business they had a different boat which they loved. Michael decided
to sell that boat because he wanted to devote his time into buiilding
his business and the boat could be a distraction and he figured he
could always buy another one later.  So he sold the boat and built his business.

Barnes did not have a boat to sell but he also wanted to be in business.
Barnes gave up his current life to get on a freight train to pursue his
dream of being in business with Edison.

Both Michael and Barnes had a dream and they did not let any distractions
get in the way. 

Michael and Barnes both got rid of the distractions so they would be
able to concentrate on building a business.  Michael gave up his boat and
leisure time and Barnes gave up his location and lifestyle.

Tony La Russa has stated "There are always distractions, if you allow them."

What kind of distractions are we allowing in our lives that are keeping
us from building our business?  Do we recognize them?  Do we want to recognize
them?  It is so easy to keep doing something because it has become
comfortable and we justify it in our minds - well I have to have some fun,
I deserve a break because I have worked so hard, etc. etc. etc.

If we are not where we want to be in our business, the question should be
"Is what I am doing, building my business or is it just a distraction?”

Barnes had a big desire.  Michael and Linda Dlouhy had a big desire;
But they wanted more, and they were willing to give up some things temporarily
to achieve that desire and then they could do whatever they wanted. 

Hill tells us "Through some strange and powerful principle of “mental chemistry” which
she has never divulged, Nature wraps up in the impulse of STRONG DESIRE
“that something” which recognizes no such word as impossible, and accepts
no such reality as failure."

We have heard many people say that once they made up their mind to "go for it"
everything changed and they built their business. They found "that something"
that faith to move the distractions aside and build their business.

Margaret Heffernan tells us "Clearing your head of distractions in order to notice
and understand the people you are with can feel inefficient - there are so many
other people and issues to think about. But being present makes you effective."

As Michael Dlouhy would say "Live in the now."

Living in the now is not allowing distractions to control our lives and our business. 

What are we willing to give up temporarily to attain what we desire for our future? 

Tuula Rands

Now its time to use this network marketing secret to obtain massive mlm success today NOT tommorow!

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