Top Network Marketing Secret On Making Fear Disappear Today

Dawn Meyers discusses a network marketing secret in getting rid of your fears today by doing whatever is necessary to have success because you are playing against a partner that will NOT tolerate indecision. That is TIME! Ready or not you gotta get moving!
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-10-10

I was surprised at how much I paid attention to this lesson. I have a fear. I have many fears. I know they are what stops me in my tracks of doing anything towards my future. Lately, I have been waking up to the cause of my fears. Michael told me the first time we spoke. So I am working on it and I am now helping others get over the fear one person at a time. 
The fear of POVERTY, The fear of CRITICISM, The fear of ILL HEALTH, The fear of LOSS OF LOVE OF SOMEONE, The fear of OLD AGE, The fear of DEATH

I fear all of these things that Hill speaks of. But I think that beating the fear of criticism will help you beat all others. You will finally have the life you always wanted when you get rid of just that one fear. It is what stops most of us from getting started in anything that will help change our lives.

I am thrilled that the last couple of lessons were right on with what I am covering out there on social media to help others to get started changing their lives. I know it is because of this program. I think I got my AHA Moment when going through these chapters more than a few times. Getting to read and listen to Hill's lessons over and over again will stick with you and give you that smack in my head moment where you say this is what I need to do. 

Here is a Press Release I wrote about fear. I am doing a series on the things that can take you down in network marking and ways to overcome them with an invitation to see what mentoring for free can do for you since it has really done a lot for me. So here it is. I hope it's worthy of a clap. LOL. 

Things that make you go, poof.

Part 1.

Fear Stops You In Your Tracks

Fear is normal but we always seem to be taken down by fear. Fear is an end of all of things. You wouldn't even get started at all. You will just find every excuse not to. Because that is just easier to not have to deal with the fear. 

I don't know what makes you afraid. I don't know if you have a fear of failure, a fear of looking stupid, or the fear of what others will think and say about you. Maybe you don't feel worthy. Maybe you are afraid of the word no. No is scary. But it is also a good word. You know why? If you get a no it means you actually are taking action. 

Successful people didn't get where they are now without getting tons of no. They were scared too and there were many no no no's they got and they wanted to quit and they wanted to throw in the towel just like you fight not to do yourself. Or have you given up already? 

Listen you need to suck first. That's the bottom line. Straight to the point. YOU NEED TO SUCK AT WHAT YOU DO TO GET WHAT YOU NEED. The need is getting over the fear so you can move on to being a successful person. See, successful people take action. They are scared too. They just step out of their comfort zone because they see a vision of what they want to be. See your Vision of what you need to be to get over the fear that stopping you from getting there. 

Procrastination is caused by fear. So just eat your frog the first thing of the day. Do the thing that you fear the most the first of the day and you will never have a scary thing to do for the rest of the day. Because the scariest thing you had to do is done and the rest is simple. 

Stop thinking about the money and build your fan club. Be yourself. Show some value. Doesn't matter what it is. What are you good at? Just tell people. Write it on a blog or record a video and share it with your soon to be fans that are looking for you.

Hope you got some value from my post.

If you would love to be part of a community who for over 40 years has been helping people overcome their fears and have never asked for a penny. Then click here for the details. Go ahead and download my free e-book Success in 10 Steps and get plugged into the action of taking action over your fears.


Thank you, everyone, for this awesome place to learn for free.

Dawn Meyers

Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed

To use this network marketing secret to the fullest you gotta remember that in order to be good you gotta remember that in the beginning you will suck, you will make mistakes. But thats part of life making mistakes learning from them and moving forward. Like Art Williams said, just do it, do it and do it until the job is DONE!


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