Top Network Marketing Secret On Imagination Application Today

Marcel Schmidt gives you a network marketing secret on using your imagination today to the fullest and he also talks about Colors To Success which means being able to determine what a person likes and more importantly what a person can't stand! Would you like to be able to have massive success in this industry and live the life of your dreams? Marcel Schmidt tells it all!


Marcel Schmidt Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2019-03-07

Chapter 6 Imagination


The Fifth Step toward Riches

I have always had a viviv imagination. I can remember being told by mt teachers and parents to get into reality.

I used to play by myself a lot when I was younger and I would imagine I was the king of my empire so to speak.

I was the fastest gun in the west and the toughest cowboy out there in my dreams and the smartest of the smartest.

As I matured I found out that I wasn't any smarter than anybody else I just danced to my own drummer.

As i grew into adult hood I went to work and learned a trade as a floor covering expert and then I beganto imagine what the

job would look like and along with the customers wants I would accomplish that goal and make the installation look pleasing to the eye.

It has become the same way in my network marketing business as I can imagine what mt desired residual income looks like and how i willl be living.

I am feeling and becoming more confident in my belief in my company because I have learned some skills throught the book STS and the Mff skills calls.

I am being taught by mt upline Tuula Rands, Bob Shoaf and Michael Dlouhy how to present myself and what to say and how to say it.

I am doing more and more social networking on Facebook because I know that that is where my customers will be for me to grow my business by helping them get what they want and need.

The colors training is probably the most important part of the training and learning to agree with my clients and point them in the right direction and LISTEN.

I say my self talk over and over all day but I don't think I have reached 1000 times yet and I read my desire for money statemenet out loud twice daily.

I heard Ken Klem say that in 28 days I can develope a habit and I have done that.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for creating this incredible program and a new way of life.

Your Leader In Beautiful Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada 

Marcel Schmidt 


Now its time to use this network marketing secret on imagination and Colors To Success so that you can have tommorow what others can't by doing what others won't!


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