Top Network Marketing Secret On Cutting Negativity Out Today

Nick Harper describes an mlm secret on how to get rid of negativity today! If I tell you what you must be focusing on I will let the cat out of the bag!

Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2018-10-17

The Mind can only focus on one thought at a if you only think negativity will EVER ENTER YOUR MIND!!!  Your mindset allows you to create your future! If you feed your mind constant negativity you'll live a life full of negativity and stress.  On the other hand if you only focus on postive thoughts and things you'll live longer, appreciate life more, and live with a lot less stress.  My son Xavier broke his finger a few years ago, he said that he was upset and in pain when he broke it.  We recently had a conversation about gratitude, and he said I could've lost my finger.   He's right, always focus on the positive because things could be a whole lot worse.    If you live a life filled with negativity you're buying yourself a first class ticket to an early grave!  It can be the most amazing sunny day, with the perfect temperature, and I guarantee that someone somewhere can come up with something negative to say!  WHY???  Just miss waking up a few days and see how that works out!!!  Why do so many people focus on negativity?  I wonder if they realize that if they focus only on positivity their lives would change in ways they never thought possible...A liar can tell themself a lie for so long that he or she believes it.  So is it possible to tell yourself that you're successful and speak it into reality???


After meeting all the self-centered scumbags that I've encountered in the MLM  industry, I always knew that there were some good people out there that would give me truthful knowledge and teach me the skills to be successful in this industry.  That's when MFF found me!  Thank you Marcel for sending me the invitation, I'm forever grateful.  Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for creating this amazing system, and a very special thank you to all of my friends that participate in this powerful mastermind.


There once was an old mule that fell in a well, all the village men tried and tried to figure out a way to get him out, to no success.  They finally decided to bury the old mule in the well, they all got shovels and began throwing dirt in the well.  The old mule didn't like the feeling dirt on his back so he shook it off, the more he shook the more dirt that continued to come.  The old mule became very angry and sharted bucking and kicking, all of a sudden the old mule realized that he was moving up, a thought instantly came to the old mule.  Calm down, shake off the dirt and step up!  Shake it off and step up...shake it off and step up ( this principle also works in life).  The village men eventually shoveled enough dirt into the well for the old mule to jump out!!!   Thoughts are truly things!!!         


Nick Harper

Are you going to use this mlm secret to take your business to whole notha level by shaking off the negativity or are you going to continue having a pity party?


Lawrence Bergfeld


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