Top MLM Truth On Subconscious Mind Today

 Don Schaefer discusses in detail an mlm truth featuring the subconscious mind. We must choose our thoughts wisely and make sure that there are no negatives because one negative thought ruins everything.

We must have in mind the seven positive emotions, faith, love, s_x, desire, hope, romance, enthusiasm and prosperity. There is an old saying our focus forms our future. Are we clear what we want? If not lets borrow thoughts and ideas from Don Schaefer.

Don Schaefer Beverly Hills, Fl, United States

Posted: 2018-05-28

Don Schaefer, Beverly Hills, fl

Chapter 12.The Subconscious Mind, the Connecting Link

In this Chapter 12 Lesson we are once again reminded to make your desires clear and to reduce them to writing.

It takes time and through habit you will be able to acquire the ability to reach and to influence your subconscious mind. This is a very powerful statement you MUST be patient and persistent.


As stated, thoughts are things, choose your thoughts carefully.

Once again we are reminded that only emotionalizing thoughts have any action influence upon the subconscious mind. So just saying things with no emotion will get you nowhere.

I have a story that tells the power of this chapter...

Living on Long Island most of my life I knew the area very well. I used to go past a new apartment complex being built and it looked awesome. Beautiful...

My friend said to me one day, let’s take a look, doesn’t cost anything...

As we drove up a long driveway with beautiful landscaping we came to the models and went inside. These were 2 floor apartments. As you ended the driveway to turn there was a huge waterfall, had to cost thousands of dollars to build, and was absolutely stunning...

Well, the lady showed us a second floor apartment that was finished, they still had a whole section under construction. We looked and I was amazed...beautiful...buzzer to let people in so you didn’t have to go up and down the stairs, intercom to ask who it was...way out of my reach...We finally left...

I went back 2 days later and asked if I could look at that apartment again by myself. The lady gave me the key. I drove to the apartment. Got out of my car, walked up to the door, put the key in the lock and opened the door. I was feeling all the emotions of this being my apartment. I went up the stairs. Looked out the window, I saw a couple of cars pulling up to their apt. and I couldn’t hear the car doors shut...ahh I thought peace...I looked around the empty apartment and visualized where I would put the coach. Love seat. Where to position the bed and I stood there for a good hour just imagining me being there...


Well, I didn’t get that apartment, was out of my reach then, but unknowingly, I put the universe to work filling my desire...1 year later. I went back, they just finished the last complex and I was shown another apartment...2nd floor...same as the one 1 year ago, even had a better view...Everything fell in place for me to be able to rent that apartment and ended up living there for 7 years before moving here to Florida. Yes, thoughts are things. I know that for a fact...

Don Schaefer

Beverly Hills, Fl.

Now its time to use this mlm truth to be CLEAR on what you want in every single detail and just do it! Because without action everything else is meaningless!

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