Top MLM Truth On Redreaming Today

Tuula Rands gives you an mlm truth on redreaming today because if you let your past failures hold you back then you will be in the same spot as your right now. And Napoleon Hill says that the person who stops studying just because he has finished school is doomed to failure regardless of his calling. The key to success is the USE of knowledge and the more you do and ADJUST to get better, the further down the road you will be!

Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2018-03-14

Chapter 1 - Thoughts Are Things

Remember back to when you were first introduced to
Network  Marketing?  What were your thoughts?  Were you
excited?  Did you visualize and think about what you
would do, become, have?

I remember my brother calling me at work and inviting
me to his house to look at a business where I could make
a lot of money.  He even mentioned being a millionaire.
Well that was a little far fetched for me - a millionaire!
BUT, I could see $2000.00 and that was good for me.

My marriage had failed and I was on my own with two children
and an extra $2000.00 a month would have been such a great
blessing.  I went to the meeting.

I did Network Marketing for many years but I was not succeeding
as I wanted to, but I could not let go of those possibilities that I had
been introduced to.  It was always on my mind.  I knew there had to
be an answer somewhere as to how to make Network Marketing work for me.

As Hill tells us "Thoughts are Things".  Sometimes we don't
know what we are really looking for and we request something
on the internet and realize "this is it" - "Success in 10 Steps"

Thoughts are things and my thoughts brought me my answer on
how to make Network Marketing work for me.

Reading that e-book was like going back to when I was first introduced to
this industry with hope, anticipation and dreams renewed.

We're so distracted by how things end, we usually forget how beautiful the
beginning was.   -   Lamiya Waheed.

Tuula Rands

Are you ready to use this mlm truth to visualize what you want just like Michael Dlouhy the author of Success In Ten Steps visualized himself winning a BMW at his company convention.

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