Top MLM Truth On Overcoming Procrastination Today

Gladys Brice gives you a blueprint on how to use this mlm truth on overcoming procrastination and just taking action today NOT tommorow. There is an old saying that time creates doubt. John Maxwell mentions the law of diminishing returns, the longer you wait to do something the less likely you will do it and Jordan Alder once said that if people don't get going right away then they will usually not get going at all!
Gladys Brice Dallas, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-12-03

                         Chapter  8      Decision  

               The Mastery of Procrastination

                 The 6th Step Toward Riches


Another great chapter in Think & Grow Rich. From, Mr. Hill, I

Learned that Procrastination will lead to Failure. I need to quickly & definitely know what I want in order to be successful and accumulate Wealth.


  It is also important that I share with the Mastermind Group that I’m involved with, what I would like to accomplish with my business. They will support me and encourage me to be consistent. I will also gain insight into what it takes to be successful & learn from them what I need to focus on to have a successful business.


 Very few family members and most of my friends are not supportive of my dreams. It is a waste of time & definitely not a good idea to discuss my business with them.


  I still have Unwavering Faith, Confidence & a Burning Desire to Succeed. I have learned so much from this Mastermind Group in the past and decided to return because being here has helped with my confidence level & I’m comfortable being here. The help that I need is here for me and anyone else who needs it. I need to get serious and put into practice everything that I’m learning from this Mastermind Group.


So great being here again,


Gladys M Brice


Now its time to USE this mlm truth and get over yourself. Create a PLAN and avoid waiting for the time to be right. Because the timing will never be right. Start with what you have right now and better tools will be found along the way!


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