Top MLM Truth On Mastermind Power Today

In my lesson plan I talk about an mlm truth on using the power of the Mastermind Group which is Chapter 10 of Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

Posted: 2018-08-31

What I learned from reading this Chapter on the Power of the Mastermind Group is that nobody can do this business by themselves. There is an old saying your vibe attracts your tribe. Who are your five closest friends? Do they practice personal development and learn SKILLS? Or are they going every single weekend drinking just like they have done back in their college days?


You must remember that to develop a money consciousness you must have all the positive emotions in mind. Just like faith, love, sex, desire, hope and romance and prosperity. And one negative thought ruins everything. The negative emotions takes people to poverty. And like Bob Newhart mentioned in the Stop It Video "We don't go there?" Same applys right over here. Poverty needs no plan. Riches do! That is why you must say your self talk and follow the six steps in Chapter 2 by reading what are you gonna give in exchange for the money. Because remember there is no such a thing as something for nothing.  A person needs to know what will they give in exchange for the money. You can't just take, take, take. Furthermore Riches are shy and they must be attracted.  The only way a person will become wealthy in this business is if they follow an Organized Plan and have a burning desire for wealth.  How strong is your desire? It tells you in Success In Ten Steps if you want to be a millionaire mastermind with Millionaires! Henry Ford did it, Richard Branson did it, The Wright Brothers did it, Bill Gates did it! Just because those guys were not network marketers. They needed a team of people to be successful! Nobody can build their empire by themselves! All of them were in business for themselves NOT by themselves!


Are you going to use this mlm truth and build your empire? Art Jonak once mentioned to me that he had to dissassociate with his drinking buddies and he also said that if your why does not make you cry then you don't have one!

Lawrence Bergfeld


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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