Top MLM Truth On Goodbye To Negativity Today

Michael Dlouhy notes the top mlm truth on goodbye to negativity today because negative emotions are 10 times stronger than the positive emotions and it is MUCH HARDER to go from the negative to the positive! You are dragged into other peoples drama and doom and gloom.
Nobody wants to be a part of someone elses misery because it ruins someone elses day! You gotta have all the positive emotions that Michael will be describing at all times and if someone is talking negative to you picture your perfect day.

Stop saying to yourself "I can't do this", "I can't do that" because that attracts negativity to you!!

It happened once to Michael that some Green personality who sat next to Michael was puking negative, what did Michael do? Michael ignored him and went to his perfect day which was holding his son and his daughters when they were young. And snorkeling in Loo Key plus being on the boat with his Daughter Amanda.
Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2018-05-17

Chapter 11.


All emotions cause energy, like the 8 positive emotions, Desire, Faith, Love, Sex,

Enthusiasm, Romance Hope and Prosperity all cause positive up-lifting energy.


While the 8 Negative emotions of Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed Superstition,

Anger and Lack all cause all Negative lower then life draining Negative energy.


When You always focus on all positive emotions You will attract all Positive feelings

into Your Life times 100. times 1,000 times 10,000 times flooding feelings every moment.


When You always focus on any Negative emotions You will attract all Negative feelings

into Your Life times 1,000, times 10,000 times 10,000.000 flooding feelings every moment.


Because sex energy is the strongest Positive feeling You can multiply all the positive energy
by several hundred thousand Positive feelings and thoughts daily.


Because ANY of the negative emotions are 10 times stronger then sex energy You will

NEVER own Your life when You let Yourself focus on any ONE negative energy.


We Believe In You

Michael & Linda Dlouhy


Remember one thing about this whole mlm truth on negativity that just one negative thought ruins everything!!

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