Top MLM Truth On Creating Your Reality Today

Ethel Van Zanten reveals the mlm truth on creating your reality today which means going from what you think is impossible to doing what is POSSIBLE! It may start out with a wish but it is NOT a wish when you decide to take a leap and ACT on it!
Ethel Van Zanten Tucson,, Arizona, USA

Posted: 2018-07-06

Chapter 2-Desire

Most people have a desire to become a success in life.   A desire starts with a thought of wanting or wishing for something.  This wanting and wishing has to be fired with hope, then faith, courage, and tolerance.  When this happens desire becomes a burning desire. It must burn so brightly that turning back is out of the question.  

When I graduated from High School this is the way I felt.  I wanted to leave where I grew up because I felt my life was restricted by the attitudes of people around me.  I loved music, I loved dancing, and having a good time.  In the high school where I  studied  dances were not allowed because a strict Christian concept among the school board members.  I knew there were places I could go to learn more about music and to find people that enjoyed life the same way I did.  My mother assured me that she didn’t have the funds to help finance college so she thought it would be a good thing for me to join the military.  At that time, after serving a hitch in the military I would be able go to college with funds from the GI Bill.  I was  assigned to the 4th Army WAC Band.  This is what I did and have never been sorry  for it.

There was still a burning desire for a more fulfilling life but this desire has still not been satisfied.  I have to learn not only that there needs to be that fire of hope, faith, courage and tolerance.  I also needed to learn about blending this desire with persistence, and determination.  I needed to define a definite purpose for my desire.  Then I must put this all into action along with the rest of the principles emphasized in this book called “Think and Grow Rich.”  

These principles must constantly be a part of our state of mind.  We need to learn and relearn these principles.  This desire must always be a burning desire even though as we go through life we get off the track. We must always realize nothing is impossible.


Ethel Van Zanten

Tucson, AZ

Are you ready to create your own reality today NOT tommorow or are you just going to leave it sitting on the shelf? There is an old saying we live once NOT twice!

See you at the top!


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