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Michael Dlouhy discusses the mlm truth on attraction today. There is an old saying your vibe attracts your tribe. What are you attracting into your life? Are you attracting the dreamstealers or are you attracting your five key leaders whom you would want to be on a one month cruise with?

Everybody knows that your income will be the average of your five closest friends. No matter how much money you are currently earning, no matter how much money there is in your bank account. Be it a million dollars or so. If four of your friends are broke then you will be number five!

Michael Dlouhy Brooksville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2018-09-20

When stimulated, or “stepped up” to a high rate of vibration, the mind becomes more receptive to the vibration of
thought which reaches it through the ether from outside sources. This “stepping up” process takes place through
the positive emotions, or the negative emotions. Through the emotions, the vibrations of thought may be increased.

Vibrations of an exceedingly high rate are the only vibrations picked up and carried, by the ether, from one brain
to another. Thought is energy travelling at an exceedingly high rate of vibration. Thought, which has been modified
or “stepped up” by any of the major emotions, vibrates at a much higher rate than ordinary thought, and it is this
type of thought which passes from one brain to another, through the broadcasting machinery of the human brain.

Remember, How You do anything is how You do everything. mrd.

The purpose of my post is to EXPOSE Yourself, to the REAL You. "mrd"

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I don't care how much You Always Mess Up.
I don't care how often You Always Stumble.
I don't care What Other People Think.
Just Take My Hand.
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Are you ready to use this mlm truth and say your self talk with passion and be passionate about what you are doing with your life? If you are not then do yourself a favor and picture your perfect day, go back into a time where you had a blast & did something that you enjoyed! And transfer that energy to what you are doing! See you at the top!


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