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Nick Harper describes in detail an mlm tip on how he failed forward by testing things out and learning from them and then created a plan of action to accomplish his goals. He is on his way to massive success and if I tell you more I'd be stealing his thunder!
Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2018-08-14

Chapter 7 Organized Planning


This chapter is titled Organized Planning...BUT this chapter means Action to me!!!

I've made mistakes and learned from them..I've adjusted the plan...and re-created it over and over no success.

There was a time that I almost gave up on this buisness, but I knew that many people were successful in this same industry that I'm in...why am I not successful?

Looking back, it's because I listened to the wrong people, put too much time and effort into people that weren't TRUE LEADERS, and never really believed in myself. 

Today I'm a successful leader helping others own their lives through education and teamwork!!!

The starting point to anything is an comes a the plan as many times as necessary.  And then comes the organized plan!!!  BUT no this isn't the end!!! 

1. You must have an organized plan.

2. You MUST put this organized plan into ACTION!!!

3. You must learn from your mistakes.



YES the most important part of ANY plan is NOT TO BE TOO PROUD TO ASK FOR HELP!!!

Me and 3 good friends recently had the pleasure to visit Linda and Michael Dlouhy at their home in Florida...we sat down in Michael's office and he stated that you must be organized...I noticed how neat his desk was...and I thought in my mind about the 4ft table from Sam's club that i'd been working on.  Michael has a beautiful desk with a place for everything...I wondered how can a BLUE be so organized?  At that moment I had a vision of having a beatuiful cherry oak forward a couple weeks, I'm in my favorite local book store, I find a brand new copy of Think and Grow Rich...I pick it up and continue to seach for other books...I find a few other books that get my attention.  All of a sudden at the end of the isle I see an endless supply of Think and Grow Rich books!!!  So I grab several more copies!!!  I got home and realized that I have too many books to store on the small desk that I have and on top of the dresser.  I told my wife Kristen that I need to buy a bookshelf...she immediately stated that I need a desk with bookshelves.   I looked online and found a beautiful cherry oak desk with a hutch!!! I knew this was the one...But i continued to search just to be sure.  

I bought the cherry oak desk with hutch and got it home...MAN was I excited!!! I opened the box and there must've been 300 worry to me I just simply followed the instructions and about 5 hours later the project was complete!  I had a vision of exactly how my new desk would be setup....I put several books on different shelves and specifically put Michael's books, and Think and Grow Rich books in the glass enclousure.  It was after 3AM in the morning Monday when I finished but it was a VICTORY!!!!

I said that I'd do whatever it takes...Later in the day my wife (Kristen) went out shopping and decided that that I needed something more to my new desk...she added a frenchie pup holding a wine bottle, a fleur de lis, and an artificial plant!!! I didn't mind the first two on the list, BUT the artificial plant had to go!!!  It was nothing but negative energy!!! I had a vision of a huge globe in that spot!  I envisioned spinning that globe and going wherever it landed!!!  The artificial plant has no meaning, BUT the globe has VISION!!!  Kristen knew something was wrong!  I told her the plant is negative and she stated that she started to get a globe first...

A good friend of mine, Grant recently said "Saving cash is like saving a legal's worthless because money, like any paper, is only good when it's used."   An organized plan has the same's worthless unless it's put into ACTION!!!! 

At this point in my life I KNOW that SUCCESS IS NEAR!!!  I must take ACTION and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL!!!


Thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for painting the picture of SUCCESS!!!!

And a SPECIAL VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU  to all of my GOOD FRIENDS that make up this amazing mastermind!!!!

Create your own plan or someone will create a plan for you...

Nick Harper

Are you gonna use this mlm tip to build your team or are you gonna let it slip through your fingers? There is an old saying we go through this world one time NOT twice. What is your PLAN to accomplish your goals? If you do not have one then create one just like Nick Harper did. Because you are either gonna say in the end "I wish I had" or "I am glad I did!"

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