Top MLM Success Secret On Feeding Subconscious Mind Today

Dawn Meyers describes an mlm success secret on programing your subconscious mind for success because anything other than taking massive action is EXCUSES nothing else!
Because whatever we do in our business is RESULTS, if we do not have any results we are NOT a leader. Therefore we must feed our mind good thoughts, just like we feed our body delicious and nutritious food!
Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, NJ, United States

Posted: 2018-09-19

My subconscious mind is my enemy. It is what is stopping me from being what I want to be. I for some reason have moved backward in life but I am happy with where I am. If I weren't I couldn't strive for more. I used to have self-confidence at the highest level. My husband seems to have a very high self-confidence and he got this from his raising. So I see where mine had come from now. 

I know my family loved me and meant the best for me. They took very good care of me but my subconscious mind was filled with negative thoughts for many different reasons. Although I never had a good image of myself I still could get any job I applied for. I beat people that had degrees and I did not. Departments would fight over me and I could go in and knock a person out of their position if I wanted it. I was a superstar. What is strange is I am a bit competitive and I think if I applied that to what I want out of an online career I would be unstoppable. 

But why has that not happened to me in 7 years online? It is because of me. My excuses. I know there are things in life that get in the way of everything but you can still have anything you want if you do the things to get it. Even 5 minutes a day. But the excuses are not excuses I am making. They are the excuses of my subconscious that have been in my head for many years. Things my mind tells me every day as a defense. To prevent certain experiences of failure. My subconscious can bring about terrible events in my life. I do it myself and I don't know it and it is about time it stopped. 

I am grateful for Mentoring For Free because every week I am growing. It may not seem like it is working but it is in a lot of ways. I came through very hard times with the mentoring I have gotten for free. I may have been somewhere else in my life if I didn't have this mentoring at those hard times in my life.

I am grateful to Bob Shoaf my mentor for never giving up on me while I work on fixing my mind and become as successful as he and I want me to be. 

Dawn Meyers Mullica Hill, New Jersey

Now its time to use this mlm success secret and get rid of all the negativity in our mind. Because we either will attract people or repel people. We must use the positive emotions to attract people to us, because without positive emotions of FAITH, LOVE, DESIRE, HOPE, PROSPERITY and ENTHUSIASM we are toast!

Lawrence Bergfeld



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Lawrence Bergfeld


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