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Marty Roe describes in great detail an mlm secret on how you can turn adversity into massive success. Before he does that though he describes how Viktor Belenko does that by coming from Russia to American and making it here in the USA!
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

Posted: 2018-07-02

Chapter  2


From The Book

Think And Grow Rich,


Sometimes we get these thoughts that wedge their self

Into our brains and they stay’s there. 

In 1980 I read a book about a man who was born in 1947,

In the communist country of Russia. As he was growing

Up he would always ask why, where do the birds come

From?  Where does life come from? Why do we have to

Live like this? His father told him, you can live a better life

Through education.  He would spend a lot of time in the

Local school  library reading, when ever he found a teacher

That would help him understand the world better that

Teacher would disappear, and nobody could tell him why.

When ever it was time to harvest the crops everybody

Took part, the factory’s were shut down the military  personnel

 Took part.  This takes place every year why are we so

Unorganized?  We do this every year, How come nothing

Gets fixed around here?

He worked his way into a program where he could learn

How to fly plans, he became a Mig Pilot, and a Mig Pilot

Instructor, he had some great idea he shared with his

Higher up comrades, he got the message that if he kept

comeing up with these great ideas, you could find yourself

In a mental hospital.  Nothing’s going to change here, it

Takes 3 hours to get grocery’s, all grocery stores stink

Because of all the food going bad, and you have to wait

In a long line, I don’t see any way I can make life better here.

He began to suspect that maybe the Americans are not

As bad as his government was making them out to be.

He made a decision to defect to the USA, if the living

Conditions and way of life are as bad as Russia, there is

No hope for me and there is no hope for man kind, and

I will kill myself!

He is successful in flying his Mig 25 to Japan, from there

He is able to make his way to the USA, he works with the

CIA, he works with the United States Air Force, he was

Willing to do what ever it takes to become an American.

It looks like everybody can afford an automobile around

here!  You can get in an automobile and go anywhere

you want to in this country!  The grocery stores don’t

stink, their is plenty of good food for everybody!

There is something right about this country!

The Final Escape of Lieutenant Viktor Belenko,

Mig Pilot by John  Barron.


After reading this book I am glad and grateful I do no live

In a place like Russia. And thank you Michael and Linda

Dlouhy, for putting this Think And Grow Rich Lessons

Program together!

                                          Marty Roe

Are you gonna use the mlm secret on turning adversity into success to your advantage or are you going to leave it on the shelf! Viktor Belenko had it tougher than we do, what are you waiting for? See you at the top!


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