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Nathan Grimes reveals an mlm secret on leadership which means if something does NOT work for you then do yourself a favor and STOP suffering in silence. Do the things that the top leaders do in your business to get to the top. The top leaders in your company did not start out that way.
At one point they were a follower. But they did NOT stay a follower, they watched the leader and said that they are going to do it like he has done it and they did not question it. However that did not mean that they put their blinders on and avoided becoming creative. Because in this business its crucial to become creative by asking yourself "What would happen if I did this?" And the focused on having impact on their clients as well! Then they got the results they desired.
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-11-24

Chapter 7-Organized Planning: The
Crystallization of Desire into Action

“The most intelligent man living cannot succeed in accumulating
money—nor in any other undertaking—without plans which are
practical and workable. Just keep this fact in mind, and remember
when your plans fail, that temporary defeat is not permanent
failure. It may only mean that your plans have not been sound.
Build other plans. Start all over again.” Napoleon Hill

We all have a choice before us to be known as LEADERS, and the
other as FOLLOWERS. The decision is whether you intend to become
a leader in your chosen calling or remain a follower. Now as
Napoleon Hill says, “It is no disgrace to be a follower. On the
other hand, it is no credit to remain a follower.”

All great leaders started as followers. They became great leaders
because they were intelligent followers. It must be remembered the
man who cannot follow a leader intelligently, cannot become an
effective leader. Yes, the man who can follow a leader most
efficiently is usually the man who develops into leadership most
rapidly. An intelligent follower has many advantages, among them
the opportunity to acquire knowledge from his leader.  

Bob Shoaf has been an example of such a leader to me. Bob admits
to he purposely chooses to and follows Michael Dlouhy. Have many
times have we heard him repeat the words, bullet points, and
self-talk which Michael have spoken. This is the evidence of
being a follower morphing into the leader.

I choose to follow leaders, so I can become a leader. I heed the
call to efficient leadership with the ability to organize and to
master details. Manifest the spirit of “The greatest among ye
shall be the servant of all”. Leaving a path as a doer of what I
know for others to follow. Enjoying the success of those that
follow and pass me. To stimulate the imagination being ready for
anything that may come. Giving honor to whom honor is deserved.
Choosing to show temperance and loyalty to anyone who follows.

My day is made with each call we have. I enjoy the wisdom and
brilliance brought by everyone who participates on the calls.
You give me the reward of your leadership. Without the need
of a title, you all come here to serve and lead as a harmonious

Thank you to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for the leadership you
have given us to follow and encouragement moving us to become
the leaders we are meant to be. My gratitude to everyone who
downloaded “Success in 10 Steps” and visit with me regularly and
participate on this journey.

Nathan Grimes
Lubbock. TX USA

Now its time to apply this mlm secret how Nathan and I describe it and take your business to a whole notha level!


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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