Top MLM Secret On Getting Those Customers Today

I describe in detail this mlm secret why getting customers is easier than sponsoring distributors? Think about this: You open up a shoestore and you have a Grand Opening. You invite everyone you know to buy shoes:

Lets say you have two of your female best friends pop up to buy shoes. They go to the register wanting to purchase their order and you are behind the counter. You tell them that you can buy a pair of shoes and get one free. They are thrilled to hear that! However here is where most people make the mistake. 

They ask them for their social security number and they go "What?" You then tell them they gotta get trained to open up their store and get trained at 9:00 AM Monday morning and that makes them get so mad that they walk out of the store never to come back again and never see YOU again! Because when you did that you were no different than someone who asked them to open up their Mc Donalds.

Ken Klemn in one of our trainings mentioned that 100% of the population does NOT like being sold. And thats what happened right there and that ruined rapport. Their thoughts are I'd rather have torn shoes than do business with you.

Here is what has to be remembered. If you talk to 100 people 10 people want to be a customer one person wants to be a distributor. Why leave money on the table every month. If you do that for a year you could be losing 120 customers!! Makes NO sense.

Use this mlm secret by finding out what people want and helping them get it as Harry Browne mentioned in the Secret of Selling Anything. Tom Big Al Schrieter mentioned pay attention to the answers. When you are doing all the talking you are selling and when they are doing all the talking they are buying.

Lawrence Bergfeld



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Lawrence Bergfeld


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