Top MLM Secret On Burning Desire Today

Mervyn Drury describes in detail an mlm secret on having a burning desire today that you can put to excellent use and have massive success in your business and your life! There is an old saying you can do anything but you can't do everything. You must give up the good today so that tommorow you can have the great. Jim Rohn mentioned that the price of success weighs ounces where the price of failure weighs tons. How badly do you want to have success? 

Life is no different than a basketball game that has four quarters. Imagine each quarter is 8 minutes long and the whole game is 32 minutes long. What are we able to accomplish in 32 minutes? Let alone an hour. Are you doing during those 32 minutes business related activities like doing whatever it takes to get customers and distributors or you are just doing social talk and wasting your time and more importantly your prospects time.

Michael Dlouhy explained to one of his best students Ken Klemn when he began using the Mentoring For Free System and used it to build his business on 3 continents without leaving his home and without giving a business presentation or asking anybody or convincing anybody to join him in his company to ask the question "Whats In It For THEM?" because you have to know what is it for them due to the fact that if you make it about you then you are sending them towards the exit!! Plus he learned commercial talk from Tom Big Al Schrieter which means reaching the subconscious mind of your prospects which is the decision making part of the brain which means when there is a good story or a good movie they sit back and enjoy the show plus ask themselves what happens next?

Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2018-06-30

Chapter 2 Desire


The First Step toward Riches

Chapter I of TGR is where our journey begins. The journey for everyone begins with a dream, idea or hunch; it is what we do with these that lead us to our goal or riches. The path is the same for both, thirteen clearly set out principles (steps) which must be understood and mastered. The first step is to convert the dream into something more and this is accomplished through Desire.

Desire is the driving force, energy, which converts the dream into a reality, an all consuming obsession which can only be satisfied by its final achievement. Most people unfortunately do not even reach this step and their dreams disappear. This was made very clear by Edwin Barnes determination that nothing would stand in his way of becoming a business associate of the Inventor Edison. He let no obstacle stand in his and even though at his first interview with Edison he looked like a tramp, Edison observed something in Banes’ eyes that he later revealed lead him to believe in Barns statement.

The Desire for something must be DEFINITE. It must be clearly stated as detailed in the six steps contained in this chapter. The steps must be followed to the letter as there can be no deviation otherwise failure will occur.

Sometimes the steps will require rewriting several times until a final format is arrived at and all statements regarding the amount of money, the date of its attainment and what is to be given in return are clearly stated. This final statement is then to be read consistently, once in the morning on arising and again before retiring at night.

This is the only certain way of acquiring what the Universe has shown us in the Dream and is the first of the thirteen steps. Remember that “anything you can conceive can be achieved”.  Also bear in mind that “how you do anything is how you do everything”.

Mervyn Drury

Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Asustrtalia.

Are you ready to use this mlm secret or are you gonna let it slip through your fingers? See you at the top!


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