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Cheryl Stuhr talks about mlm leadership which means being an intelligent follower by following the leader who had RESULTS most effectively. And also spending the time with the people who are hungry to build a business. It does NOT matter whether they have money or not. There is a difference between being poor and broke.
A person who is poor says I can't and drags you down into their drama and trauma, the one who is broke says that he does not have the money now but I have a PLAN to earn it and I will have the money by a certain date. That is taking massive action to accomplish your goal with a DEADLINE. If you do not have a deadline when achieving your goal you have made a wish NOT a decision.

Another thing you must remember is that personal development is 97% of the business and skills are 3%. Tom Big Al Schrieter mentions that personal development makes us better people but it will NOT build your business. We must learn skills on exactly what to say and exactly what to do in our businesses for it to grow. Think about this: Would you want to have open heart surgery by someone who is a positive person or rather a negative person who talks down to you but has skills since he did a great job doing open heart surgery on plenty of patients before you? Skills is the answer.

Cheryl mentions that you MUST have the relationship with someone for them to purchase a product from you and join the opportunity. And Tom Big Al Schrieter teaches the skills on exactly what to say and exactly what to do with people so that you can talk to their subconscious mind which is the decision making part of the brain! It must be emotional by you being excited of the product and or opportunity. Because as Napoleon Hill says that plain words do NOT reach the subconscious mind!! Its not what you say it how you say something plus the feeling!


Cheryl Stuhr Houston, TX, United States

Posted: 2018-11-28



Chapter 7
Organized Planning

 What jumped out at me about this chapter was the topic about Leaders and Followers. I've been both, as I'm sure everyone in our
group has been. After working 8 years in the MLM industry, I didn't even know what the word Leader meant until just recently. That's probably why my other MLM businesses didn't do so well. 

Nathan said it in his lesson; defeat is not permanent. I wholeheartedly agree. I see any defeat, challenge, or failure as a
valuable lesson-a  chance for personal growth. It may take some of us a bit longer to understand that lesson, but I
would like to think, that eventually, everyone gets it. 

My biggest challenge was that I couldn't build a team for the life of me. I could get customers, but I have to admit, that until I 
started working with the company I am with today, I did not "recruit" anyone. Not one person! In 8 years! 
I even thought about getting out of the industry all together, but I had been bitten by the MLM bug, so I didn't go for very
long without being in one or another. 

The reason, or at least, probably the biggest reason I couldn't build teams, was the way I approached people. I either came off as
desperate or too aggressive.-neither a good quality for a team leader. It wasn't until maybe a month ago, that I discovered how to effectively approach people. 
Big surprise-you have to build a relationship with them! Da!! 

It's only then can you become an effective leader. I was surprised how quickly people started to join when I stopped prospecting.
But now, I have people who are looking to me to help get them started. So relationship building has to continue.
Leading is a lot of work! But it can be rewarding, as well.

One young man who joined me had doubts about telling people about the business he was using to promote Mary Kay products.
After messaging back and forth with him for a couple of weeks, I felt like just giving up on him. But I stayed the course with him, 
writing and responding with him everyday for almost 2 weeks. Then all of a sudden I get a message from him stating that he just had a couple people join him, the next day the number went up. In a little over a week, he had 100 people join him. I was floored and very pleasantly surprised. I felt good that with my tutelage he is successful. 

 Of course, there are the people you approach (either desperately or aggressively) who  refuse to get into a business that you know is really good and is the best thing since sliced bread-they just don't know it yet! Then there are those people who join but don't do anything or complain about this thing or another. I use to take it personally-I did something wrong. Well, that's another lesson I have learned. You can't take their refusal or lack of effort personally. 

As an effective leader you must know who to spend your time on and those that frankly would waste your time. Me being a "blue" I wanted everyone to like me, so I would try to go out of my way to help. But as my current team grows, (the only one I've ever had), the more work is involved. I had to shrug my shoulders to those who don't do anything, but I'm in contact with those who do, almost daily. 

I like being a leader. I knew I was, but I had to go through those years learning lessons along the way to finally get to the point where I can honestly say "I Am a leader" and know in my heart that it is true. Do I regret those 8 years-No. I was a student who had to fail a few times before I could reap any rewards. I had to be a follower before I could become a leader. Through many years of personal growth, reaching out to others for advice and not feeling like I could do it all alone, and getting into this Mastermind group has helped me "blossom" into the person I am today, both in my personal life and in my business life.

A great quote from Dr. Wayne Deyer
You'll never regret what you do in life, you will only regret what you don't do.

Are you ready to use your mlm leadership skills and take your business to a whole notha level? The clock is ticking, just do it!


Lawrence Bergfeld


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Lawrence Bergfeld


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