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Would it be ok if I shared my lesson on Chapter 5 from Think and Grow Rich for this week’s Think and Grow Rich Lessons with You.

th (1)We gain the specialized knowledge to make network marketing work through what education we get here at mentoring for free. We learn those skills that are needed to build our business and to become a success in the industry allowing us to dig ourselves out of the area that we are working towards getting away from.

2c69c5f61aabd7c0dd6b55bfce155cbbAs Napoleon says in this chapter on specialized knowledge “We do not need to possess all the knowledge on our chosen calling”. We can learn along the way or ask our mastermind for assistance we can ask for help from anyone of the team at mentoring for free. Each of us has can be like Henry forward that we simply pick up the phone, we send an email or search google to find out that knowledge which we are seeking.

11209733_941528419201135_3126404278616272340_nNapoleon also says in this chapter “the way for success is through the continuous pursuit of knowledge”. We are all doing that here at mentoring for free by attending the calls, listening to the replays and speaking up on the calls.

confront_and_overcome_your_fears_and_phobias_with_this_expert_advicehqdefault (1)We all have our own specialized knowledge which each of us have built throughout our journey with a number of areas. It may be from the years of failure and learning what we need to stop doing to be able to have success in the industry, from growing up where we learnt what works with relationships and what makes them fall appart. We need to plan our way out of the situation we are in owing to what we learnt growing up.

th (2)That means developing new skills and becoming more as a person. Drawing on that knowledge which may be from the team here at mentoring for free. That may be learning better relationships skills, better parenting skills, better advertising skills, someone out there has the knowledge and ability to help us learn those skills we require to be able to achieve our dream and when we believe in that dream enough that person will appear.

self-talkThank you to those who are in my own mastermind and helping me to grow into that person. Especially Michael and linda dloughy for Your own ongoing love, support and encouragement and my own mentor ken klemm for Your own guidance, love and support. To my own wife jenny thanks for Your ongoing belief, love, support and encouragement.

Wishing you the best in health and love,

Your friend for life

Ben drake

West ryde nsw Australia (living on the goldcoast of qld by 29 may 2021)

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Wishing You a life full of Love and Health,

Your friends for Life,
Ben and Jenny

“Helping families live better lives”

You know how most people are wanting to create an income from home to be able to spend more time with their families. Some people have found a way to be able to spend more time with their loved ones and still have an income coming in.

We can guarantee You success in the industry when You are coachable and learn those skills which are needed to become a success in the industry.

By ben

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