People Fail in Network Marketing?

First, The True News

Failure is Always Your Fault People fail in Network Marketing? Really? :-) Make sure you learn the following perspective of the typical network marketing company leadership and upline leaders. If you carry out all you are told in company training videos, meetings, webinars, and manuals and you see little to no results; according to the typical upline and support team, it is NOT the fault of the network marketing company, the system, or the leadership. It  is ALWAYS you! YOU aren’t doing it right (according to them). This is where the frustration begins. people fail in network marketing

You see, there is a LOT of hype from the typical network marketing company's recruiting efforts. This hype includes amazing testimonials of success, photos of people holding large cardboard checks made out for hundreds of thousands of dollars, video clips of people on exotic vacations, and of course; rags to riches stories. These are all designed to draw the person who is looking to improve his or her life in to the business. Each year, by the countless thousands, people join these companies and each year; by the countless thousands, they quit within a few months. And according to their network marketing upline and leadership these people are just non-dedicated, uncommitted quitters and cry-babies with bad attitudes.

Yes, according to the network marketing leaders, every one of the hundreds of thousands just didn’t do it right. How believable is that? people fail in network marketingNow consider this. Many of the people who join network marketing companies are highly educated and have seen significant success in “normal” careers. They are doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, managers, executives, foremen, postal workers, accountants, and so on. They certainly are not ignorant or lazy. They have seen massive professional results by taking appropriate career action steps.

BUT these are the people that leave soon after they join network marketing companies because after much effort they do not see results of any kind. When I didn’t see any results from my efforts in the companies I joined, my up-line sponsors always told me that I was not committed enough. In other words, my failure was my fault even though I did exactly what I was told in the company training. If I complained even softly I was told I had the wrong mindset and that my attitude was wrong.

Leadership and upline sponsors love to broadcast to their recruits that they are “successful” because they keep a positive mental attitude and do not allow negative results bring them down.

Obviously possessing the right mindset is crucial. But can you really believe that ALL who failed in network marketing had the wrong mindset? I didn't think so. 

Now, in defense of network marketing companies, they do have to deal with people who want instant results. Many people who enter the industry don’t really consider that it is a business and it does take time and consistent effort. It can takes months of work to begin seeing significant results. Most people are used to getting paid for their efforts much sooner. So, from the beginning, many people do not treat it as a business that requires the normal start up efforts.

However, the recruiting efforts of network marketing companies often lead people to believe that success can be had within days. “You can be set up and earning your first commission today!” is a very common phrase in the industry. So people who join are often conditioned to expect big payouts within a week or so. The hype leads them to these conclusions.

Oh, and the “success” stories of those who joined a company and within a month are earning tens of thousands of dollars are rarely full disclosure stories. In some cases (very, very few) this is true, but in most cases these folks leave out significant details that, if shared, would leave you unimpressed. The average person, like you and me, must go out and search for folks who would become our customers and for some to introduce  the business to. The formula for success in the industry is to talk to 100 people. 89 will likely say no. 10 will likely become a customer. 1 will likely join your team. Those are good numbers.

Now the REALLY Good News

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