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Taquittee Cross describes in detail a network marketing truth on saying goodbye to fear! Get rid of the ghosts or else tommorow you will be toast! If I tell you more then I will be stealing Taquittees thunder!
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Posted: 2019-05-08

Chapter 14

How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

Take Inventory of Yourself as You Read This Chapter, and Find Out How Many of the “Ghosts” Are Standing in Your Way


NAPOLEON HILL SPENT MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS OF HIS LIFE studying more than five hundred of the most successful men of his time, as well as thousands of people who considered themselves failures, from which he developed the philosophy of success he shares in Think and Grow Rich.


The amazing thing is this. even though many people “know” what they need to do in order to become successful, they just DON’T DO IT!

So Let’s review the Six Ghosts of Fear,

 the symptoms Hill outlined:


The fear of POVERTY

The fear of CRITICISM at the bottom of most of one’s worries

The fear of ILL HEALTH


The fear of OLD AGE

The fear of DEATH


The Fear of Poverty is, without doubt, the most destructive of the six basic fears. It is the most difficult to master.


Lack of ambition INDECISION—Staying “on the fence,”or letting others think for you DOUBT—Generally expressed through making excuses for your failures

WORRY—Usually expressed by finding fault in others

OVERCAUTION—The habit of looking for the negative side of every circumstance

PROCRASTINATION—The habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should have been done today.

FEAR OF POVERTY can be overcome by educating yourself. 


MICHAEL  gives us basics of understanding  by teaching us to be aware of our financial situation.

By just being aware of where you are financially, you can take the first step to financial health.

Here are some steps you we can take to master our fear of poverty:


1. Set financial goals . . . ask a financial advisor for help.

2. Get a financial education. With more education you will have less fear.

3. Don’t rely on someone else for your financial security like a spouse or parents 

4. Spend less than you earn—it’s really that simple!

5. Build an emergency fund.

6. Start investing—start small and build.

7. Pay attention and be engaged in your day-to-day money management, talk about it with your spouse.

8. Keep an eye on your credit score and work to get it as high as possible.

9. Don’t spend money to make yourself feel good.

10. Learn from your money mistakes.

If we were raised in the poverty mindset. Many of these steps were not taught to us. And even educating our selves doesn't mean we will mastered it. We must practice it regularly and make it a habit.


When you take the time to look at most criticism without emotion, the vast majority of it is petty and trivial. Yet it can have devastating results. It can rob you of your self-confidence, take away your initiative, destroy your power of imagination and, in doing so, creates an environment of self-imposed negativity that can wreak havoc in your life.

SYMPTOMS OF THE FEAR OF CRITICISM SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS—Generally expressed through nervousness, timidity, awkward movement of the hands and limbs, shifting of the eyes.

LACK OF POISE—Lack of voice control, poor posture, poor memory

PERSONALITY—Lacking in firmness of decision, personal charm, and ability to express opinions definitely. Imitating others. Boasting.

INFERIORITY COMPLEX—The habit of expressing self-approval as a means of covering up a feeling of inferiority. Using “big words”to impress others.

EXTRAVAGANCE—The habit of trying to “keep up with the Joneses,”spending beyond one’s income.

LACK OF INITIATIVE—Failure to embrace opportunities, fear to express opinions, being evasive or deceitful in both words and deeds.

LACK OF AMBITION—Mental and physical laziness, lack of self-assertion, slowness in reaching decisions, easily influenced by others, unwillingness to accept the blame for mistakes.

With this course of mind Development and really working hard to change my own personal mindset. This is extremely hard for me. Because this takes a complete reprogramming of the mind process and alot of confused emotions and thoughts that must be trained. By changing one whole thought process of the meaning of  Rich. 

You must have a definite plan to go with your burning desire and follow it. And build up your self with Positive Self talk and follow a detailed plan for your self. Mentally spiritually emotionally and Financially. 

Thank you everyone in mentoring for free. And every one who supports me.


Taquittee Cross 


Whether you are ready or not USE this network marketing truth to take your business to a whole notha level!


Lawrence Bergfeld



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