Network Marketing Tip On Wise Decision Today

Marty Roe talks about a network marketing tip on making a

smart decision to know whom to select as an employer and 

what is necessary to do to be a LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER!



Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States


Chapter 8


From the book,

Think And Grow Rich!


Generally, The youth just out of school seeks any job that can

Be found. He takes the first place he finds, because he has

Fallen into the habit of Decisions. Ninety –eight out of every

Hundred people working for wages today, are in the positions

They hold, because they lacked the Definiteness of Decision,

To plan a definite position, and the knowledge of how to choose

An  employer. (Napoleon Hill)


I can relate to that paragraph, I was part of the 98% for a long

Time.  I had convinced myself that I was put here in this world

To do manual labor, work for somebody ells make somebody

Ells look good.  You are a follower not a leader, you do not

Want all the pressure that goes with being a leader.

One of the first things I learned when I first joined Think And

Grow Rich Lessons, my thinking it’s all messed up, you

Can not be a follower 100% of the time an expect great things

To happen to you. You can not be around people who think

Like the 98% and expect Great things to happen to you.

I have learned that if you want more you have to surround

Yourself with people who are in the 2%. I have made the Decision

To change my mind set to a more positive mind set, and the

Reason, I want more out of life. I do not want to be part of the

98% any more just drifting a long in life.

I heard Joel Osteen talk about his mother, the doctors told her

Back in 1981 she only had two months to live, she looked

Up all the promises God has made to me, and she started

Saying them over and over again and she got better.

I Googled Promises God Has Made To Me, I found 54 promises

God has made to me, I will be adding this to my reading.


Thank you Linda And Michael, and my Master Mind Friends,

We are Learning How To Think, Not What To Think!


Marty Roe

Pine Bluff, Arkansas,


Time to use this network marketing tip and just take massive action and get better at the game!


Lawrence Bergfeld



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Lawrence Bergfeld



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