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Marty Roe describes in detail a secret on using positive energy for our success today! Are you ready to fasten your seat belt and head in the drivers seat? Then time to take off!


Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA

Posted: 2019-04-23

Chapter 13

The Brain,

From The Book

Think And Grow Rich!


Napoleon Hill, Tells us, man has depended too much upon

His physical sense, and has limited his knowledge to physical

things, which he could see, touch, weigh, and measure.


When I first started self-development here, at Think And Grow

Rich, Mentoring For Free, I never gave it very much thought

About Positive and negative energy.  Your BRAIN,  a broadcasting

And receiving station for thought. (Napoleon Hill)


My Brain is a broadcasting and receiving station?  I had a big

Problem with that, I had no idea how to use it, how to control

It.  I did not know anything about personality’s either.


Their was a piece of property sold in our neighborhood,

About 3 weeks ago, we got word that somebody was wanting

To get that piece of property rezone from Residential to

Commercial,  their goal is to put a Shell Convenience store,

In our subdivision.   We do not want a Shell Station in our nice

Quit neighborhood,  this one lady who lives near where the station

Would be built, got all fired up about not letting this happen,

She is very direct.  This lady posted up on our facebook page

Looking for volunteers to walk around the neighborhood with

A petition to sign against the rezoning.  I posted up on how this

Would be a great opportunity to meet the neighbors, I got the

Impression she had not thought about it like that, she was

Looking at it as being a lot of work we had to do.

Sometime later she called me to find out how I was doing with

The petitions, I told her I was having fun meeting the neighbors,

Nobody had told me no, she told me she was having fun also,

She even told me a story about one of the neighbor she had

met.  I was impressed with what this lady had done.  She did

some research on our neighborhood, and found out some things

we did not know, she organized all the petitions, I paid her a

compliment on all the hard work she had done on this project.

I got the impression she did not know how to take the compliment,

She thank me and assured me she had not done more work

Than anybody ells.

We can transmit Positive energy, or negative energy,

If you want to go from a negative thinking person to a

Positive thinking person, it’s POSSIBLE! . 


                   Marty Roe


Now it time to USE this network marketing secret to the fullest and win the ball game!


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