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Kay Young describes in detail a network marketing secret on acting on your gut feeling. Whenever your gut tells you to do something do it! Trust your instincts, you feel when you must act immediately. That is why some people grab opportunity while others miss it. Solution! Listen to what is going on around you. There is a song called "Thats The Song Of Silence..." by Simon & Art Garfunkel.


Kay Young Superior, CO, US


Think and Grow Rich Chapter 14 - The Sixth Sense 

The following is a summary of a book, Go With Your Gut – Intuition Is More Than Just A Hunch.

“Most of us experience ‘gut feelings’ we can’t explain, such as instantly loving – or hating – a new property when we’re house hunting or the snap judgements we make on meeting new people. Now researchers at Leeds say these feelings – or intuitions – are real and we should take our hunches seriously.”

Professor Gerard Hodgkinson and his team at Leeds University Business School are proving Hills reference that the subconscious mind “is the ‘receiving set’ through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind.  The flashes are sometimes called hunches or inspirations.”

As we think through our own lives, it’s impressive to look at various hunches that have directed our path.

For me, when I first saw my husband in summer school at the University of Missouri in Kansas City in the hall, I truly felt stunned and overwhelmed.  That had not happened before.  Fifty two years after our marriage, I got an email from a family history company with a list of names of my relatives.  His name was one it.  I expected to see that he was my husband….but no.  Ten generations ago, our ancestors were cousins.  So we are cousins ten generations removed.  From other experiences during our marriage, I was aware that we had known each other before we were born and this surprise made that concept more real to me.

The directive I was given in my mid 60s while walking down the hall in our home to renew my teaching license led to action.  With no awareness of why, I entered classes at CU to get the credits I needed.  There was no clue as to why this was important and nothing happened for a year and a half, but it lead to my being a substitute teacher and then becoming a full-time teacher again (with many miracles along the way).  Then, within 4 months of actually being hired as a full time teacher, our new insurance allowed the open heart surgery my urgently husband needed, for which we paid only $500 deductible for his 21+ days in ICU and no more for a second emergency surgery to remove a foot of his colon in the same visit, only 3 days after the heart surgery.

Some hunches or intuition lead to major things and some to small things that save people from car crashes or being in the right place at the right time. 

And for us, in the early years of renting, we always knew the right house for us as we looked together without discussing it.

Even my being part of Mentoring for Free was on a hunch after seeing Michael’s email about 7 times, I finally decided to see what it was all about.

From that time on, I will be forever grateful to Linda and Michael for putting this all-encompassing program together and to include the self-development I needed so much.  Thanks to all of you who contribute lessons and comments as well.

Kay Young

Superior, CO

Time to put this network marketing secret to excellent use today NOT tommorow!


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