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Rick Burnett describes a network marketing secret on the fact that it does NOT take money to make money. There are people who have became massively successful and went from rags to riches. If I tell you more then I will be stealing his thunder.

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Posted: 2019-05-13

Thoughts really are things and I am always reminded how much so every time we come back to this chapter. I really enjoyed the leadership call today which immediately brought the awareness thing right back up to the forefront for me. That word has been reoccurring to me lately.


It takes money to make money! That is an outright false statement yet how many times have we found ourselves nodding our heads in agreement when that phrase is stated? I think Mr. Barnes might give you a different opinion. And I have heard many testimonials from young people in my company who didn’t have the money to get started. They didn’t say it takes money to make it, they went out and presold the product, were able to get the money in advance from the customers and they bought the product, delivered it and kept repeating until the had the money to join. And then went on to become top leaders. Imagine that! Amazing!   


Along with so many other false statements like money dosen’t grow on trees that statement is poison if we allow ourselves to buy it. That is why awareness of what we say is so important.. That way we can recognize it for the lie it is, immediately reject it and tell the person who said it that I don’t believe that and here’s why.


As it was stated that on the call we need to hang around people who are positive and keep away from all negativity. And always be aware of all the false statements that are floating around out there being repeated as often as the weather is talked about, by people who have been negligently unaware of the false thoughts they have accepted as truth. We should be always on alert of those thoughts and diligently as we would be watching for a drunk driver because both can be deadly. Remember, Thoughts are things!

 A top network marketing secret on being a leader today that it does NOT take money to make money! You can start from nothing and build your business to the top! Have you ever heard rags to riches stories. Rick Burnett 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda and Michael Dlouhy for making my Wednesdays so awesome by providing this personal development. The people who come to us looking for success in this business but think it’s unnecessary are stopping three feet short of gold. And thanks to all my mastermind partners and friends for the weekly brain food!


Rick Burnett

Fairhope, Al


Now its time to USE this network marketing secret and avoid stopping 3 feet from gold!

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