Network Marketing is a RELATIONSHIP Business, Not a Sales Business

Network Marketing is a Relationship Business - Not a Sales Business

This statement rings true for many reasons, however one reason in particular stands out more than any other. Let's face it, there are many network marketing companies, many quality products, more network marketers than I care to count. So what makes people want to join your MLM business? 

Give up?

It's YOU! Why would they want to join You? When you take a genuine effort to learn about someone and really listen to what they tell you, then on top of that help them learn the SKILLS necessary to be a successful Network Marketer... then THAT is why they would want to join you! No other reason. They could get the products from another distributor. They could join any of the countless other companies out there. It's all about the Relationship that you build.

There really is no better way to build a relationship with someone than knowing the different personality types. Micheal Dlouhy has made it quite simple in Success in 10 Steps - Chapter 5 by categorizing the 4 personality types with Colors. Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. Which one are you?

Download the book for free below, and find out which you are... and you will have a better understanding of others' colors as well. Knowing and using this information is VITAL to your Network Marketing success. When this is used correctly, new relationships can form in a matter of minutes rather than days or months! No joke. Of all of the people I personally mentor and coach, I have been able to connect with them, almost in an instant, by recognizing their color and even revealing mine! I'm a BLUE! Through and Through, well.. with a hint of Green! =)

Once you get the book, shoot me an email at - I would love to hear your feedback!

Because YOU Are Worth It,
John Wiser

By John

Success In 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy

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