MLM Truth On Teaching Old Dog New Tricks Today


Brenda Kidd describes in detail an mlm truth that you can teach an old dog new tricks, if they are willing to learn. It does NOT matter how old a person is! You are never to old to learn anything in life. You are only old in the mind. Any excuse will do is the bottom line. Colonel Sanders was 65 when he got started and look what happened Kentucky Fried Chicken!

Chapter 12:  The Subconscious Mind The Connecting Link


I’ve heard so many times in my life the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”  Not True!  Sometimes people adopt reasoning like this because of negative conditioning by significant others in their lives and are afraid to step out and prove them wrong.  Or they may have failed a number of times and convinced themselves that success/change is not in their future.  But no matter how they arrived at that belief, it can still be changed.  Yes, it takes time, patience and persistence, but it can be done.    


As Hill says in this chapter, we have to retrain our subconscious mind and Yes, that takes Faith.  We must learn to change our self-talk from negativity to positivity; from stating what we feel is negative in our life and rehearsing how we have failed to declaring how we are succeeding each day and celebrating the success, no matter how small it is.  If we live in the failures, our minds and bodies will begin to follow suit through physical and mental deterioration.  But concentrating on an accomplishment will result in our minds and bodies responding in very positive ways.  It doesn’t happen overnight; the change can be very small in the beginning.  But eventually the realization comes that our minds are focusing on more positives than negatives, the tiredness and lethargy we might have struggled with in the past is not as pronounced.  AND we begin to notice that we’re seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.  The beauty of it is that others will notice the change before we even see it.  The more we do it, the easier it becomes, and eventually changes from a habit to a way of life.


It is refreshing to be part of this mastermind group where we get to learn from and encourage one another.  It is truly a pearl of great price.  So thankful also that we can be each other’s cheerleaders as we think and grow rich.     


Are you ready to use this mlm truth to win big!


Lawrence Bergfeld



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