MLM Truth On Quick Decisions Today

Terry Mondo describes an mlm truth about making decisions quickly and changing them slowly. Get educated make decsions and just do it! And avoid listening to the naysayers!
Terry Mondo Lake Worth, United States, US

Posted: 2019-03-20

This is my first reading of a chapter of "Think and Grow Rich" since my joining Mentoring for Free. Could not have chosen a

more powerful one.  Reading about the very beginning of how our Republic began because of two men who had the courage

to stand their ground and make a courageous decision that was the beginning of our country being born brought  tears to my eyes.

So many important lessions in this chapter but the one that hit home for me was being able to make decisions and not so quick to

back down from a decision once it is made.

Of course our decisions today are not life and death but still important to each of us as individuals because our decisions show our

character and what we are made of in my opinion.  They also determine how we live our lives and whether we are living the lives we want to live

or  living the lives we do not want.

The great thing is we can always change from being indecisive to being  decisive any time we want and that can always turn things around relativley quickly if we want to change

something  that we do not like and we take action.

Of course it will take practice to change from indecisiveness "if that is how we always have been"  but well worth it. Having the ability to be decisive affects every aspect of our lives not just about money. Although Napoleon Hill had it right, no one becomes wealthy by being  INDECISIVE!


Use this mlm truth and just do it today NOT tommorow!


Lawrence Bergfeld


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