MLM Truth On Causing Fear To Disappear Today

Gladys Brice describes in detail an mlm truth on causing fear to disappear today! Do it today NOT tommorow!
Gladys Brice Dallas, TX, United States

Posted: 2019-01-23

Chapter 15      How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear


The Six Basic Fears are Poverty, Criticism, Ill Health, Loss of Love of Someone, Old Age & Death


Hill stated in this lesson that Indecision is the seedling of Fear & indecision crystallizes into Doubt. The two blended become Fear.


I’ve overcome Fear by refusing to give up on my dreams, not communicating with those who are not supportive & turning a deaf ear to negative comments.

It’s so true that if Network Marketing was easy, everyone would be involved. Failure leads to Success, it’s part of the process. I have a “no quit attitude,” Desire to Win & Burning Desire to be Successful.


I don’t have a fear of Poverty. I know that things are ok in my life but, they will change & someday soon, my husband and I will have a comfortable life.


I have no fear of Ill Health, Old Age or Death. I’m growing older everyday. There is nothing that I can do about that. My health is good and I’m taking steps to improve my health by eating smaller meals and not allowing anything to stress me out. Death will come knocking at everyone’s door. I can’t avoid that. I’ve had a decent life and I continue to enjoy life daily and count my Blessings.



Gladys M Brice


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