MLM Truth On Autosuggestion Usage Today

Nick Harper talks about an mlm truth on usage of autosuggestion today so that you can program your subconscious mind to win big! Which means building your organization once to pay your childrens children! You can NOT become successful with a negative mindset.

We have 8 positive emotions and only ONE ruins the whole thing. Negativity is 1000 times stronger than positive thoughts. That is why the News in so negative they are paid for the bad news. Lets say when they mention unemployment is 8% when don't they rather say that 92% of the population is interviewed.

An unspoken truth is that they talk about news because negativity is spread to MORE people than positive people. Think about this for instance a great experience is told to 5-10 people where as a bad experience is told to 25-50 people MUCH faster.

Nick Harper Tyler , TX, USA

Posted: 2019-06-02

Chapter 4 Auto-Suggestion



Nature has so built man that he has ABSOLUTE CONTROL over the material which reaches his subconscious mind, through his five senses, although this is not meant to be construed as a statement that man always EXERCISES this control. In the great majority of instances, he does NOT exercise it, which explains why so many people go through life in poverty.


AUTOSUGGESTION is the agency of control through which an individual may voluntarily feed his subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative nature, or, by neglect, permit thoughts of a destructive nature to find their way into this rich garden of the mind.


Sometimes you must burn some bridges just to create some distance.  If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.

 "You become that to which you are most exposed." ~ Denis Waitley  

"Whatever goal you give to your subconscious mind; it will work night and day to achieve." ~ Jack Canfield


A while back I decided to cut ties with several people because they were no good for me.  I told my subconscious that I’m going to surround myself with positive people, that have the same dreams that I do!!!  Most of the people that I once associated with are employees, with no desire to be anything more…It’s been said time and time again…You can’t hang out with chickens and expect to soar like an EAGLE!!!

I had to remove myself from the limiting beliefs that these people have and focus on achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself.  I tell myself everyday that I will create time freedom and live life on my terms…



"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality." ~ Earl Nightingale


Your conscious mind commands and your subconscious mind obeys. Your subconscious mind is an unquestioning servant. It works day and night to make your behavior fit a pattern consistent with your emotionalized thoughts, hopes, and desires. Your subconscious mind grows either flowers or weeds in the garden of your life.


In order to reach your greatest potential, you must change your way of thinking, surround yourself with positive people, continue to feed your subconscious with positivity, and most of all believe in yourself!!!  NEVER GIVE UP…SUCCESS WILL COME!!!


Thank you, Linda and Michael Dlouhy, for showing me the power of my subconscious mind.  Thank you to all of my friends here at MFF for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and positive emotions.


Nick Harper


Are you ready to go out there and play ball by using this mlm truth or are you just going to watch the other players play on the field while you are just getting ready to get ready? 


Lawrence Bergfeld


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