MLM Truth Of Ending Fear Today

MLM Truth of ending fear today is described in detail by Michael Simon. The main thing is just taking ACTION and making adjustments so that we can accomplish their goals!




Outwitting the six ghosts Fear


These ghost or fear factors are always there for everybody.  Most will allow 

these ghosts keep them from fulfilling their desires, dreams and destiny. There 

are the few who outwit these and fulfill their destiny.


The six ghost of fear are: poverty, criticism,ill health, loss of love of someone, 


old age, and death.



The two ghosts or as I would refer as my inner demons is the fear of poverty 

and criticism.   



Poverty which can be lack of excess money, debts, fear of paying bills and not having a happy and healthy life has always been there.  Afraid to answer the phone, afraid of the lights being shut off, buying groceries, and not having twenty bucks in my pocket.  I’ve been there and it was not a pleasant experience.  The economy may have been in a recession and I may have gotten a raw deal, but most of the problem here was my doing. 


I didn’t budget, over spent and bought a bunch of stuff I didn’t need.  I was buying on emotion, not on common sense. This was my doing.    Not against having nice things: cars, boats, jewelry, etc.  Just don’t buy it if you cannot pay cash with no worries.  


Like every bad situation there are always some positive.  I try to be much more 


frugal on decisions now.   


I imagine poverty is on a lot of people’s minds right now with the Corona Virus. 


Businesses operating with a skeleton crew or in many cases shut down for an 

infinite period of time. Some will never be open again.  This should be a learning experience for many. I will cover this more at the end. 


The fear of criticism is another. Up until the last few years I have always let the naysayers who question my endeavors put doubt into my mind. This goes back to me. Don’t do this business, don’t run this race, and the list goes on.   Most are family and mean no harm, they just don’t get it. I have finally accepted that that is okay. 


What they don’t understand is I have the entrepreneurial blood in me. I may be a disabled veteran with some unwanted hands dealt in life, but this is one thing you cannot shut of.


I may not be Zig Ziglar, Tony Robins, or Michael Dlouhy, but I will make my mark. These three had their share of lousy hands dealt in their lives, but they didn’t let the fears keep them down.


For the rest of the fears.  Poor Health? I had a major health scare twelve years ago. I lived by the grace of God. I went through an extensive impatient rehab and still have outpatient care. Still have side effects, but I am plugging away. 


Loss of love. My wife and I were essentially apart for the first two years of our marriage, due to my deployment. Within a year of returning I was diagnosed with a service connected illness and other injuries.  Our marriage barely survived this, but by the Grace Of God’s intervention we survived.  She stuck by me during the toughest of times.


Old age and death. Well we can do our best to take care of ourselves, but the clock never stops on our body in the natural.  As for Death. Well the mortality rate is one hundred percent, we just don’t know exactly when.  I have accepted that live is short compared to eternity. Therefore I wish to live life as full as possible, be the best husband, father, and contributor to society as possible. When it’s our time, it’s our time!


I am doing my best to not let these fears bring me down. The Corona Virus is a serious matter. I, however, have the belief and confidence that we will as a society beat this and come out stronger in the long run. 


This Pandemic is a wake up call to me. Trading hours for dollars does not mean security no matter how much money you make. Something like this can shut everything down overnight.  No time like the present to build our network marketing businesses. 


During this time we need support and outlet of positive material and uplifting people. Am so blessed to have Mentoring for Free. Thank you Michael and Linda Dlouhy for this program. Thank you Rick for reaching out to me. Thank you to everybody who participates on these discussions.  


The book of Isiah chapter forty one verse thirteen , For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.


Michael Simon



Now its time to take action on this mlm truth! That way they will win!!


Lawrence Bergfeld





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Lawrence Bergfeld


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